Who fears journalists?

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As I read on The Guardian, journalists are denied permission to UK prisons and this newspapers wonders what they have to hide.

Who fears journalists?

I've always thought since I came to age that if a person has committed a crime or has robbed, they should be deprived from their freedom for as long as it's convenient or according to their crime or type of robbery.
However, a prison sentence must be of good use for a prisoner. What I mean by good use for prisoners is that they have to be treated like human beings despite their sentences. They can't be confined in over crowded cells nor treated like cattle or worse still, because I don't think that a farmer will treat their cows or sheep the way many prisoners are treated.
They're deprived from their freedom to redeem a sentence, but their stay in a prison for as long as their sentence has to be worthwhile for them too.
_Prison governors are obliged to enable prisoners to study as all of us know well that most of the inmates are illiterate or almost
_Inmates have a right and a duty to work while they're in prison whether is work of the prison or outside work, but this work should be subjected to eight hours and it'll be paid. The only difference will be that the work will be done inside a prison.

_Prison cells could be shared, but prison governors should decide well who is to be with whom. No way to put people who have committed blood crimes with those who have robbed or with those who are in jail because of bloody drugs. The fact that they're deprived from their freedom doesn't mean that they have to be in overcrowded prison cells.
_Food has to be simple, but healthy and consistent and every inmate should have basic toiletries for their daily wash.
_There should be places where inmates can stay to talk, to watch TV, but as well to read newspapers or books as well as to study besides their cells.
_It goes without saying that they're to employ the necessary staff and that the staff are to be selected on accounts of their educational skills, because it's well known that in many prisons, the staff are worse off than many inmates.
If a government are going to increase their jail construction plans, it goes without saying that the funds to provide well with things that inmates will need should be in accordance.
It's said that when a person come out of jail, he or she is worse a person than when he or she went inside a jail. Or, as I once knew, someone who had spent most of his life in prison found himself without nothing or no one to rely on. How do we want them to start a new and better living then?
Many jails are being built. Jails are over crowded with people that have committed blood crimes, robberies or have been on drugs. They spend their days hanging around in jail and doing nothing till one one day they are released.

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10th Feb 2015 (#)

Prisons are a lot easier these days than they used to be.

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10th Feb 2015 (#)

They aren't. This much I know well, but it isn't because I hadn't been in one. Based on an article published in The Guardian.

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