Who is afraid of the internet?

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Imposing a tax for the use of the Internet is abuse and way to limit free information.

Who is afraid of the internet?

Many of us know how governments are trying to charge new taxes for almost everything on the excuse of collecting revenue in these critical days of economic crisis.
The Hungarian government have proposed the EU to charge a tax for use of the Internet that would be 50 Cent per gigabyte. It´s said that such tax would grant the State an extra income, but many of us know it´s a way to stop (or to limit) free information for all, because the Internet has already become a danger for governments and above all for this global government that are trying to rule out the world, because of all the information that anyone can obtain and that won´t be published in any national newspaper.
The Chinese government already tried to impose a ban on the use of the Internet to stop their citizens to know way too much.
They may say that such a tax on the Internet use would contribute to the State´s finances, but we know that it´s a way to stop free information for all.
The use of Internet at home has never been free of charge and in fact we pay a lot for it in many countries apart from having to assume the rule of giant companies that do as they please.
Free Internet is only possible if one takes one´s laptop to go to a public library, a cafe or unless one´s brave enough to get into someone´s account. Otherwise, we´re paying our monthly fees and they aren´t on the low side, I´d say.
They´re afraid of the Internet because if we search and research well, we can get information on certain topics that no national newspaper will publish.
The Internet has been used to contact other people to protest and to revolt against austerity imposed on all of us while banks get richer as it happened a couple of years ago.
In the Internet, many of us have found out that the issue of the Twin Towers was a lie.
The Arabic Spring started through the social networks as well as the Spanish protesters coordinated through these social networks.
So, who is afraid of the free use of the Internet?

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author avatar Retired
30th Oct 2014 (#)

If the EU really wanted countries like the UK to leave, this would be just the way to do it!

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author avatar viewgreen
31st Oct 2014 (#)

Informative article... Thank you for sharing this information.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
5th Nov 2014 (#)

Love the net, don't be afraid of its not even the big bad wolf!

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