Who is an Artist ?

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This article is about a bunch of people who are one of us but are different because they have a different pattern of thinking. These set of people are termed as Artists.

An artist's perspective

Who is an artist ?
It is a kind of person who has its own way of thinking.
Everyone in this world sees an artist in a peculiar way. An artist is like a normal person, but he has a different perspective and way of thinking.
He looks at everyday things in a different way and tries to sketch out the most basic and minute details of everything around us and draws out an innovative and beautiful conclusion out of it.
It is not true that the word artist is associated with only arts and literature. Anyone can be an artist in his or her field. Most of the marvels of science and engineering are the gifts of artists who had the ability to think differently. They understand the beauty of their subject and then start to play with it to bring out something unique out of it.
Because of these people, we are able to advance further and see something beautiful out of everyday objects which we are unable to figure out.


Beautiful, Different, Unique

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