Who knew studying for a test was a skill you can lose?

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I have delved into the world of studying for a test and have found that I no longer possess the skill to effectively study for a test. I feel a float in a sea of uncertainty and shame. It's too late to go and refine my learning muscles so I'm going in a wish and a prayer.

Testing the old people should be illegal.

I left college 24 years ago and with it the need to study for tests. No more all nighters, no more cramming my head with stuff I hoped to retain until 3:00 pm the next day. I still have taken tests in my chosen career, it's just the tests have been over knowledge I already possessed. I hold certifications in 2 states and have been to a ton of training courses but every test I took was about things I had been doing for the past 15 years, so I had the knowledge already stored. The most I would do would be to look at the study guide once and then go take the test. Things changed a month ago.

The things i'll do for my job.

As part of my position it is required that I become state certified as a foreman in surface coal mining. Unfortunately I have only been a surface coal miner for less than 2 years and my position in safety doesn't give me the opportunity to gain the skills necessary to pass a test on knowledge alone. I must study for this test and as I found out, studying is a skill if not used is lost. I can no longer plan a study session with with pinpoint accuracy and in a short time learn all the necessary things to test well. Another aspect of this torture is the fact my boss called me out by stating I will not get better than his 98% he achieved a couple years ago. So now I'm not looking to just pass, I'm looking to Ace and I've e just raised the need for my study skills to return better than they were. He also stated he would fire me if I failed the test, but I'm hoping he was kidding when he said that,

Memory dont fail me now.

I have to face the facts, my poor study habits aren't going to return and miraculously save the day, so I'm depending on the one thing I have kept in decent shape this whole $time, my memory. So I can't separate important information from useless fodder anymore. One thing I can still do is cram tons of useless information into my brain in hopes of I will retain it until 5 minutes after the test is over. That will prove I'm ready to be a certified surface mine foreman. Or it will prove I still have the ability to remember stuff, which at 43 years old, is a win no matter what.


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9th May 2014 (#)

Good luck on your test!

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