Who poisoned my servants?

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What happened to my servants? Why aren't they at work? What's that? Somebody poisoned them? Oh great. Who's so evil?

Who poisoned my servants?

I put the black trash bag outside the door of Lordly House, from where Mr. Specter will take it away to throw it in the... say, what exactly happens to all our trash? Where are the servants taking it? Well, they make it disappear to somewhere anyway.

While I'm putting the bag outside, Mr. Specter happens to come walking close by. He's all smiles and so happy to see me. Is it my imagination or is he smiling cheekier than usual? Probably because I made my hair up with moose from 1997 into this spikey funny up style.

Well, something happens to the servants during the day, but I'm so busy I don't even notice until the next morning.

The next morning, I find the servants are nowhere to be seen. Only Fuhmeelee is around.

I ask Fuhmeelee where Mr. Specter and Osborn are. He says they're sick.

Now whatever could be wrong with them? Oh well, probably too much drink or something. They'll probably be in again tomorrow or the next day and I'll ask them.

The next day, only Osborn is here. He says something ugly happened to them two days before, and they had been in hospital.

Archangel, who comes in to wash the windows some days, brought some meat with him and cooked it for them all. They all ate of it, but then suddenly Mr. Specter and Osborn felt like they have a fire burning inside them.

Osborn tells me it felt like he had eaten lots of chilli or something, because his insides were burning up.

With the help of Waldorf, he drank lots and lots and lots of milk which made him puke out whatever was making him sick.

Mr. Specter didn't drink so much milk however.

Anyway, then the both of them went to the hospital, but two of these ANC state run hospitals turned them away, one saying they're closed and the other giving Osborn lots of paper work to fill in before they tend to their emergency until they also told them to go elsewhere. They finally got some help at the hospital in Jabbit Town.

So now, Mr. Specter is still in hospital and Osborn is back at work, saying he was probably saved by drinking milk until he puked out the whole shebang. However, the question still remains: Who poisoned them?

My first thought is that it might be food poisoning. However, Archangel and Fuhmeelee also ate the same food and they didn't get sick. Surely Archangel didn't poison Mr. Specter and Osborn? Was it Fuhmeelee?

It's a strange mystery with not much clues to solve it.

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