Whom Do You Honor?

L. R. Laverde-Hansen By L. R. Laverde-Hansen, 1st Jun 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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This is a very straightforward and very direct Christian poem. It is one author's point of view.


Praise to God. Thanks to Natasha

Everyone worships something--
Don't listen to deluded atheists
And nonbelievers everywhere.
Whether it's sexual deviation
Or gluttonous gratification,
Or 'little green gods,'
There's always some idol to bow before.

Enumeration (False gods)

Is it Mars, the god of war and violence:
His guns blazing, amazing and disturbing;
Who needs to go into battle with action on TV,
Or on the Xbox, Playstation and the wii?
Watch the days' gladiators
Or the nights' social haters--
Tear each other up in happy blood--
Live for destruction and not for good.

Is it Nike, the corporate god of sport?
Is it more than just an obsession of sorts
To find the next game on channel search;
Has the stadium replaced the church?
Has hope of athletic victory
Become more than just a metaphor
And is now the substitute for the true victory we all should seek?

Is it Narcissus, the god grinning in the mirror:
Pleasing to the teasing eye,
Piling vanity upon vanity,
As if the body would never die
Nor rot in a silken designer dress;
Yet some would make a big distress
To have a silver ride all up to the cemetery,
Though it's all to the same address:
A scheduled date with worms, ashes and eternity.

It could be Eros or Mammon,
Or some compelling sprite,

Or maybe it's obstinate opposition
To the purpose that should delight
From righteousness performed.

The Answer (Jesus)

But isn't there something--or someone--else to pay tribute to?
Isn't it refreshing and seemingly unusual today
To honor one's father and mother,
To honor one's blesséd relatives;
To show esteem, gratitude and propriety
For those who helped bring you to and raise you up in life?

Isn't it satisfying
To honor one's teachers and good mentors--
And a minister or two--
Those of the village family who guided you in faith;
People who helped you, supported you and showed you the respect
You were meant to give back?

But of all the members of our humanity
To whom belongs the highest honor,
To whom belongs the sweetest praise,
To whom belongs the everything we could hope to have,
That we know we owe all to Him
And Him alone?

It is He--Immanuel:
"The God who is with us,"
Who defied our notions of power, glory and fame.
He came down from a greater palace
Than hands could ever build;
He left the comfort of His Father above
And the service of the Angels,
To be both Shepherd and Lamb to all
To take the world's sorrows
And carry them on His back.

His throne was a plank of wood;
His crown a ring of thorns;
His orb and scepter were the sticks and lance that laid in Him;
His robes were the blood and sweat that drained from Him;
His fellows were the condemned;

His followers were nowhere to be found;
His attendants were His executioners;
Yes, the one and only Prince of Peace
Was found guilty of no crime;
Only His Mother and a few stayed on
And showed that last loyalty of the few.

But in this terrible scene
Lay the glorification of the Divine;
God's plan would not match Man's machinations,
But bring up a Higher destiny;
To save us from the snares of sin.

God's own name for love:
Is a King without compare;
Who disdained the honors and flatteries of this world
And rose beyond the limits of the flesh.

I would paint his crown in my blood,
But nothing like that he asks of me or of you;
He only asks to come to Him
And be of goodness as He is.
Be as He, impossible as it is.
It is the greatest failure one could ever hope to imitate,
For in that failure He sends His Spirit to you
To magnify your bliss.

So ask yourself this question:
Whom do you give honor to?
Whom do you cherish?
And whom do you praise?

Better to follow a Better one,
Who is always there with you
And plans to hold your hand
For now and all your days.

Composed in New York
Originally on July 9, 2012
Latest Revision June 1, 2013


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author avatar L. R. Laverde-Hansen
Poet, playwright, commentator. I write wherever I can. Currently I reside in the City of New York.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
1st Jun 2013 (#)

Excellent L.R. You deserved a star for this very well put together poem . I for one worship and praise my Heavenly Saviour , Jesus , who saved me from a very dark pit for which I am eternally grateful.
God bless you .
Stella >I<

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author avatar Janice Hernandez
1st Jun 2013 (#)

Thank you Lionel for this beautiful poem and commentary on the world situation. I hope more people can read this to help them re-focus their lives. While many profess themselves to be Ch

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author avatar Janice Hernandez
1st Jun 2013 (#)

****(continue from last post) Christians, they do not live as they should.

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author avatar Retired
9th Jan 2014 (#)

Excellent poem! Much respect to you my friend

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author avatar L. R. Laverde-Hansen
9th Jan 2014 (#)

Thank you, Dexsta Ray. Best and blessings upon you.

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