Whom do you worship?

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We all worship something. It is either God or something else (devil). What do you choose to worship??


EVERYDAY she was told that the pool was no good for her.
And everyday.
EVERYDAY she still desired to know what was so wrong because in her eyes, the pool was fun, the pool was nice, and the pool was soothing. She would look out the window and out at the pool. “Amazing” She thought. “I don’t know how to swim but I will learn”. So when there was no one around, into the pool she ran. She didn’t even know how to swim but she never drowned. “See I’m alright” so she taught. When her family came back home each night, she acted as if the pool was not her interests but in reality the pool surrounded her thoughts.

EVERYDAY she got deeper into the pool and EVERY day the words ” that pool is no good for you” whithered away.

But there came a time where she almost drowned and was able to save herself. Wow.Lucky her. But yet.. YET she still had the desire to enter that pool. I don’t quite understand why but that pool made her happy. Though she was disobedient it fed her inner ego. When she was sad, empty,insecure, HUNGRY, THIRSTY for that pool for it fulfilled her inner needs and voids. But wait don’t question her, because we have got pools that are no good for us and yet we run back to it because??? Because we are selfish and we like to be… pleased with ourselves. We disobey like her, so do not act up.

Then came that day. That big day. She enters the pool and begins to drown. No one knows she goes out to that pool so who can now save her? She saved herself once but now she cannot. In that moment the words ” that pool is no good for you” suffocates her thoughts . She is sinking in sin and is now crying! Crying and trying to save herself! But each time she does.. she sinks harder. Oh. She wish she never disobeyed but now even in the midst of her sinking, she is satisfied. Hey. Are you Like her? Are you emtpy? Seeking for fulfillment? Feel like you need something in life and have not quite no where to look? Do you live a secret life where you go out swimming when no one is around?? And you swim for so long that the pool becomes worship for me because it is what you cannot live without? Or maybe its not a pool for you. Maybe its him. or her. or it.
Memory is the painter of your images, painting every deed, and struggle.Our very wishes and purposes, even though not acted upon, are all there.This is where secret plans and resolves are made, where the passions are conquered or subdued.
In this chamber, the private thoughts and imaginations you indulgd take form before God.
The secret bowing down of your soul is what determines your true worship.

EVERYDAY we worship. But you? YOU? whom do you worship..or WHAT do you worship??
EVERYDAY the devil seeks to have you, me, us worship everything but God. But EVERYDAY, EVERY HOUR, EVERY MINUTE, EVERY SECOND, God is seeking your face. He is seeking for your heart just love Him, to just worship Him and NOTHING else. “But commendeth his love towards us, in THAT, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”
EVERYDAY we worship. But you? YOU? whom do you choose to worship..or WHAT do you choose to worship??


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author avatar Emanuela
9th Dec 2011 (#)

Wow, the parallel with the pool is so well-chosen! I couldn't agree more, we all have our "favorite" sins to indulge in. We never know how deceitful sin is until in entangles us so much that we can't get out.

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author avatar vpaulose
13th Dec 2012 (#)

Nice, Rachel. Thank you.

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