Why Are You Angry Cain?

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Cain may not be what you think he was, he probably was infinitely worse...

Why Are You Angry Cain?

"Why are you angry Cain? If you had been right in your heart, you'd be smiling but because you have thoughts of evil, sin is crouching at the door. It wants to rule you, but you must overcome it."
Cain visage was twisted in disrespectful anger. "You totally embarrassed me, rejected my offering in front of my family. I am despised now - how can I compete in my father's eyes after you've publicly humiliated me."
Cain paused and then shouted, "I gave you the very best, the very best that I had!" A tear fell.
The One looked at Cain sadly. "Do you really think I delight in burnt offerings, blind submission, fearful obedience, and ritualistic obligations? I delight in a broken spirit, a contrite heart, a loving compassionate soul, and a mouth that declares my praise; not a heart full of jealousy, hatred, envy, guile, and pride. You don't even love me Cain. Why are you surprised?"
Cain said nothing and turned his back to the Foundations of All. Often the truth cuts deeper and hurts more intensely than any lie can.
"You are interested only in social appearances rather than any truth or substance; I will not play the games your parents play with you. Do not let evil rule you again as before, for sin is crouching at your door Cain."
And with those short words, Yahaveh disappeared in a flash of light leaving Cain weeping bitterly.
Over the next couple of months, Cain seethed about the perceived incident at the altar, the rejection of his offering, and the tears in Abel's eyes. Though he smoldered inside, outwardly he was sickly sweet to his brother. His parents noticed the about face of his behavior, and thanked The One for the changes in their previously volatile son. Cain and Able were lying on the grass while the livestock grazed around them; it was a beautiful sunny day.
"You have it so good Abel, The One accepted your offering and everyone was so proud of you: especially daddy. I was so embarrassed; it was the worst day of my life." Cain looked down with tears budding in his eyes. Abel had compassion on his bother who had been his tormenter for so many years. He seemed to have changed drastically over the months - maybe God was dealing with his heart.
"Cain, you have to care about The One to receive his blessings and favor. You hate anything that has to do with him, especially the worship part - you've always thought it was demeaning."
Abel paused and continued, "When I was fasting, the Holy Spirit revealed Angelic sin was initially compared to a dog growling at his master. With all the animals we have here, the dogs are our best friends - there is something special about the nature of that animal. It is a spiritual reflection of what God expects in us.
"We are supposed to be as a dog acts towards his master - that's what worship really is. It is not about rituals, screwing your face and getting ugly, jumping up and down, shouting, and trying to be holy. It is consistent underlying loyalty, love, and devotion; the same that a dog gives to his master unconditionally. Dogs will wait for you patiently for hours and never tire, always thinking about you, looking at you exclusively for all direction and purpose in their lives, wanting ultimately to please you and only you. You are the first and last thing they think about before they go to sleep or wake up. They wag their tail even when you put them into the cage, work them for hours or punish them - they just stupid love you period. They spend their whole lives in singular devotion to their master; that is what The One expects from us.
"He desires us to be thinking of him all the time, trying to please him, and wagging our tails even when he corrects us, or puts a yoke around our necks. We are made for him, not the other way around. The One has rituals, rules, and protocols for us. But don't we have the same thing for our dogs? And our parents even have the same thing for us - likewise it is that way with The One.
"You have to love him Cain. He's not some big impersonal force out there; he is our true Father with all the emotions we have. In time as you mature and get to know him you'll understand him, and to understand him is to love him."
\Cain looked at his brother hiding his boiling jealousy. "I am not a pet, and I surely am not a dog!" And he stood up angrily and walked away.
The next day Cain asked Abel to do some exploring. They walked into a beautiful grassy field betwixt the conifers towards a bubbling idyllic stream.
Cain said, "I have a cramp, let me rest a moment." Abel continued ahead towards the small stream.
Cain came up behind Abel while his attention was focused on some frogs, and smote him with a rock on his head. He fell; blood instantly gushed from the head wound. The blood did not make Cain pause, not even for a moment. He hit him hard, repeatedly, over and over, on the head until Abel succumbed. Abel moaned as his blood spilled onto the ground. Cain struggling picked up a huge rock and full force smashed it into Abel's skull; brain matter spattered violently into the stream. The minnows in the water congregated, fighting and swirling around the material, eating their fill.
As the blood soaked into the earth, the earthworms fled to avoid the righteous blood. And the blood cried from the ground to The One. Cain stood over his brother panting hard with adrenalin, chest heaving, eyes wild with unresolved anger and jealousy. Sanity slowly returned and he became petrified. He dragged Abel's body to a small depression and covered the body with earth, twigs and sticks, and then larger branches to hide it completely. He sat down for a moment crying uncontrollably. He did not know how to face his parents. He didn't think they would believe his lies. And more importantly, he was now terrified of The One.
In The Great House of The One, Yahaveh was full of wrath as righteous Abel died. A number murdered another number of life - the flesh casing did not matter. Esuaah had murdered Jarel. There was no comfort for Yahaveh himself was blind with anger, the opaque atmosphere sizzled darkly, vibrating and fracturing. The Zoon wailed endlessly. Their supersonic wails cut through the dark swirling mass of blackness, which everyone drowned in. The unrepentant brotherhood fled The Great House of The One in absolute fear.
Yahshua decreed, "A murderer has no life in him."
And from that moment until the end of the fullness of the baring of teeth, those in the flesh would never be forgiven for murder. They would work it out with their victim as a number of life with Yahaveh the mediator. It remained unacceptable to murder and expect forgiveness, no matter the sincerity, whether a zygote, baby, child, or an adult. The only exception was blinding stupidity and ignorance. It made no difference to The One; human life is precious life.
The blood of the victim cannot be simply dismissed stoically with words, tears, repentance, conversion, or old age wisdom. The One loved his children too much to dismiss their untimely, unnatural, unsanctioned deaths as nothing, moot, and meaningless, which any repentance accepted would make.
It was getting dark. Cain took his time returning home. He stopped. He almost turned back when he saw The One standing in the open field waiting for him. Cain could sense his anger. Inwardly he panicked. He wanted to run but there is no running from a being as this. His heart sank. He continued walking towards The One as if nothing had happened, but his heart was beating impossibly fast. He had no repentance - not that it mattered. Cain was terrified of what this mighty being would do to him. He stopped in front of Yahaveh. He could see, sense, and feel the great anger emulating from him, almost a living force prickling his skin uncomfortably like sharp needles.
The One wasted no time with formalities, "Where is your brother Abel?"
Cain's knee jerk reaction forced the words out of his mouth. "Am I my brother's keeper?" He instantly regretted his words. It was high insanity to disrespect the very creator of your breaths, but he couldn't help himself.
Yahaveh said angrily, "Why have you done this terrible thing? Listen!" He paused as his face turned dark with unbelievable indignation, "Your brother's blood cries out to me for vengeance. And now you are cursed from the land. Therefore, you will be driven from this sacred mountain, which opened its mouth to receive your brother's blood from your hand. The ground will no longer yield its crops for you. You and all your progeny will be punished with social exile from the family of man, and they will be the most despised peoples on all of the earth."
Cain said to The One, "My punishment is more than I can bear. Today you are driving me from the land, and I will be hidden from your presence; you will not protect me. You will not be a Father to me anymore, and those who find me will kill me."
"Not so Cain, if anyone kills you, I will requite of him seven times your punishment for your sins."
The One put a mark on him, a mark of evil all mankind would instinctively recognize. Cain and all his descendants would be unable to blush or show blood in the face. His descendants would never have a self-sustaining nation of their own. They would be a parasitic nation within a nation, a shadow government within the legitimate government, totally evil, depraved, following their god, Luciah. Cain was the son of Lucifer. And for two thousand two hundred and twenty-two years since the flesh construction was created, there was no murder. He was the first murderer. He was the first one to think the unthinkable - to murder his own kind.
The One banished him, instantly transporting him onto the base of the towering mountain. Cain turned his back on the huge mountain that used to be his home, and traveled amongst the sixth-day creation. Because of his misplaced hatred for Adam, he started the first matriarchal system of genealogy in the fishbowl universe. He went to the sixth-day city called Nod, being full wrath and evil. The sixth-day creations were not prepared for a monster as this. Due to The One's mark, they were powerless to kill this monster in their midst. The One put his mark on him because men detest evil; his generation's destiny was to test the children of The One, so they'd be without excuse of intimately knowing what evil and the joy of self was truly about.
Cain's offspring would accomplish the negative part of the plan of numeric salvation. Cain became powerful and eventually ruled the city. He was very evil. And he consolidated power, built the first armies, started the first wars in all the flesh construction; innumerable died horribly to achieve his quest for power and global governance. He ruled with an iron hand and forced the races of the earth to profane and curse the names of The One because of his great evil.
Cain took many wives and had many children. The lineage of Cain and the generations of Adam were separate, for he was never Adam's son. And the prophecy of The One birthed true, for Adam's generation would forever hate, persecute, and kill the progeny of Lucifer. They would be killed and persecuted wherever they lived, not because of any racism but because of their evil deeds. Far into the future, hundreds of nations would recognize their blinding evil after a couple generations and righteously endeavored to exterminate them.
They would be responsible for creating the first, second, and third One World Orders. By deception, Cain's children would rule with an unseen hand, hating, viciously murdering, persecuting and vilifying those who loved Yahshua, orchestrating the deaths of billions. Because their father Lucifer ruled the fishbowl world, this tiny miniscule people would rule the entire world, through money changing, usury, planned wars, and centralized control of all currencies.
The Election, Freewill, and Serpent Seed were the sanctioned Trinity of Mankind. As a race, their religion was self-elitism, hatred of Yahshua, and all mankind. And because of this irrefutable truth, the greatest born in the circle of life imparted responsibility for all the prophets' blood shed from the foundations of the world, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias on them. Their father was the first murderer and his father was Luciah - who was The Devil. From the beginning, Cain and all his descendants were murderers, evil insidious children from umbilical cord to umbilical cord. They delighted in twisting the truth so it made no sense, making The One appear evil and unpalatable. Billions would reject the truth that sprung forth life and brotherhood in abundance, and embrace the Trinity of Death: hatred of the preeminence of man, deception, and immorality.
But back on the mountain on the highest plateau, a wail of unmanageable sorrow waxed thick in the air, carried on the winds, as grief inconsolable overwhelmed the hearts of Adam and Eve.

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