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The reason why I became a blogger and how it started and other online work

Earning Online

Being a single mom with no steady income you do your best to look for extra earnings anywhere. I tried to sell some of my baked products and also some other items. But I end up losing. Haha I guess I am not a good seller. So I kept looking. I saw a lot of online earnings. But I was kind of doubtful if they really worked. I was still naive on those things. But there was one PTC (paid to click) site. I thought it was easy but it took so long but when I was finally able to redeem and get paid, I tried other other sites but those with very low cash out. Because I thought it would be faster and it would add. Yes it was faster but I never upgraded. I would like to earn without paying. No matter how slow. Better to be slow and steady.
Then I saw some kind of transcribing job. My daughter was first tor try it. That is when I had to make my Paypal account and that was good so now all my payments can go in. I thought transcribing was easy. Wow it was not. For a 2 minute recording it took hours to transcribe. But we stuck with it because there was nothing else. Wow in 6 month I only earned $25+.
Then I saw a blogging site recommended by a friend on Facebook. Well I decided to try it. I was not really good in writing but being an avid reader I thought might have some good things to write. After not getting paid the first time I redeemed I was disappointed. But I tried again. Yehey I got paid and all the succeeding redeems. I was able to pay some bills and save for something I wanted. Then trouble came. I laid low and waited. I looked around for other sites.
I tried other sites and got paid on some. They maybe just small amounts but you have to work hard and do more.
Then I saw Wikinut. A group of fellow bloggers recommended we try it. I joined here last July 27, 2013. I did a few posts and reached the 10 published pages. I did not see any earnings coming so I laid low for a while. And that time I was still struggling on how to make good blogs. But when I heard a fellow blogger got paid I decided to try again. I had more experience and I started to love making blogs. I had decided to make at least 2 posts a day because after making 1 post you have to wait till it gets published by a moderator. Then I try to make another. I think it is good that the moderators read it first. Because sometimes there may be violations and they can contact you first and inform you.
Also I noticed here that you have to try to log in at least once a day to show you have an active account. I love it when I get good comments. I try to do my best and there are a few fellow writers who makes beautiful blogs. I would like to mention them but I still can not get the hang of tagging them here. Lol every site has their own way to tag. I have not found the right one here. Some use the "@", "#", and "&" before the names. Wonder what is used here?
I am happy that my last 12 posts I got 2 with a star on it! Makes me feel proud. Now I have 3 stars!
So if you love to blog you can also earn from it. Especially if you need extra income. You need to be consistent and love doing it. I hope soon I will reache the minimum here on Wikinut. :)


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I am a single mom, a registered nurse by profession but now have my own small business. I love to cook, love dogs and I love to blog about almost anything.

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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
26th Mar 2014 (#)

Good evening, Daisy - we are all just trying to improve. Congrats on your Stars. To link back to another writer, just go to their profile page, copy the web address and then use the linked option in the section portion of your Wikinut article - the one you are writing. It will be the internet option. If you want to link back to one of your own, there is a "my Wikinut" and both with let you know if your link is good, then insert. It will help people find who you are referring to, as well as direct them to your other articles. Hope that made sense. Also, in the writing section of Wikinut's articles, there are others on writing, formatting, tagging, etc. Check them out. ~Marilyn

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author avatar daisynuts7
26th Mar 2014 (#)

thanks so much still ind of new on this but I'm beginning to love this site

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
26th Mar 2014 (#)

Interesting post Daisy!

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author avatar madugundurukmini
26th Mar 2014 (#)

easy revenue

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author avatar A.S.A.
28th Mar 2014 (#)

Very good article Daisy! You share some interesting experiences and I have learned that you should never give you hope! In life there is always a sunny side. So, don't let failure take over your life. Let motivation act as a catalyst to accelerate you forward.

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