Why Do Keralites Consume Much Alcohol?

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Why is Kerala transforming into a state of intoxication in spite of its high literacy and education?


Renowned as God’s own land, Kerala is becoming a land that consumes devil’s own blood. Many people start shivering by morning. They go to liquor bars. Some of them move quietly towards the civil supply shops and become a part of the long queue. They wait there impatiently and the sigh of relief comes out at sharp 10 o’ clock, as the shop opens.


These are the following reasons
1.Troubles at home: Men seldom find peace at home, where he had to suffer the unnecessary quarrels between narrow minded wife and mother. The low quality TV serials, to which most of the house wives are addicted, keep them in idiocy. Intoxicated, he escapes temporarily the serials that are as disgusting as quarrels after a day’s tiresome work. Although it is very important that women should educate, there is relationship between women’s literacy rate and alcoholism, just as lightning has relationship with plant growth. Educated women seldom obey their husbands and it hurts their ego.

2. Social acceptance: There was a time when alcoholism was considered a social shame. The attitude has changed as more and more people began to indulge in it. Since government is only a reflection of the peoples’ desire, no serious measures are taken to discourage the menace. Most of the movies had scenes of liquor consumption. When heroes are taking wine, the fans follow it.

3. Social problems: Increasing tension and burden play a major role. Cost of living is sky rocketing. Although wages are high in Kerala, the rising expenditure does not cope up with income. Uncertainty over future tempts many to take temporary resort. Such people finally turn drug addicts.

4. Availability: This also enhances addiction. Almost every town has bars and civil supply shops to distribute the venom. There is no factor of distance to encourage revision: wine is available everywhere!

5. Celebration and Parties: These welcome new members to the group. Many festivals and celebration are accompanied by heavy consumption.

6. Surplus: Most of the youngsters have enough pocket money.

However, these days many organizations and religious institutions have taken the problem seriously. It is good news that they have started strong campaign against the social degradation.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
8th Sep 2012 (#)

I met an old classmate of mine after years from Kerala. I was so eager to meet up with him. But when he sensed I was not joining him in a drink party the way he would have liked - no holds barred - he lost interest in me. He got upset when I told him that hs was addicted to drinks. He is well off and his wife is a doctor. The men just drank and the women talked away while I made my way home shaking my head! No excuse to be a drunk everyday. Pure escapism! siva

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author avatar John Kolyav
8th Sep 2012 (#)

Drinking cannot solve any problem, it is true. When compared to the west Kerala may be drinking less. I don't know. But the consumption is not low, anyhow.

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author avatar akram saqib
8th Sep 2012 (#)

Kerala people are not like this as you have projected. Kerala is the most educated state of India . If they are drunkard how are they so learned and educated. 100 percent literacy rate Kerala has which is impossible anywhere else in India.

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author avatar John Kolyav
8th Sep 2012 (#)

Dear Akram sir, I am not projecting anything to dishonour myself, since it is my homeland. But, the figures during the Onam festival and Christmas season are kept secret. It is very high, more than one might imagine. I have seen many discussions going on T.V. channels, where some elite people, who do not know the real cause saying bla, bla!

Every nation has its merit and defect. Every Keralite is not drunkard, it is true. Thank you for responding. I expect more severe criticism on what I have written.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
8th Sep 2012 (#)

I am a half Malayalee and can tell you that people out there do drink quite a bit but that said who doesn't around the world, most of them do.
It is unethical and judgemental to put the entire state of Kerala as drunkards as I personally don't touch alcohol and neither does my anyone in my family nor will they after certain past issues that led to tragic consequences.
Toddy as you know is produced in surplus, it is medicinal early in the morning and toxic and alcoholic the rest of the day. That said, Kerala is also renowned for putting battery acid into the Toddy drinks and as a person who has rubber estates out there my toddy tappers have told us this in passing.
I am shocked and saddened that you have marked the entire state this way.
That said, 99.9% of the women are nurses and many of them do 'other' types of work under the guise of nursing. Are you going to say that Kerala is a state full of prostitutes??? It also has the highest infidelity rates and AIDS too too.
The fact is that the true essences of a Malayalee is seen when they are out of the state of Kerala not when they are out there. They just love to have fun and just like the people of Goa.

Marriage Troubles, everyone drinks, lever doesnot stand or they are highly sexed and need too much of it. Wife doesn't give, get a keep and when none of it happens beat them up to get it under submission.

Going through 50-60 bottles of beer, one-two bottles of whiskey/rum etc. is easy and the prize is their health and lives at home.

It is all attributed to the Gulf money as majority of them are working the Gulf....

P.S. I don't drink or smoke or revel around. People who do that are usually ones who have lots of time on hand.

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