Why Do Mankind Kill?

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Marzeus is feeling sick as he's standing holding Wolverine. This isn't why he brought people along to help him! He didn't want to kill! He wanted to save!

Why Do Mankind Kill?

The poor warthog! Now that the dogs are out of the way, Marzeus can see that the dogs did indeed bite off little bits of meat until the snout was almost gone and you can see the bare skeleton bones of the nose. Marzeus feels really sorry for it.

Specter and Weener are tieing a rope around the warthog's snout and teeth. They're going to pull it out of the hole!

"Wait!", says Specter.

"Ah, please change your minds!", thinks Marzeus.

Specter continues: "If this thing comes out of here, it's going to be mad! Marzeus, why don't you quickly go back home and fetch your gun? You can shoot it one shot right in the forehead."

Is it really possible that people can feel so different about something? Marzeus wants the animal to live. It's such a beautiful part of nature, but only if living. Why do these two other people want nothing but to take its life?

"You really want that? Why don't you just let it go?" he says to them.

Weener is almost disgusted with surprize. "What?? You can't just leave this; this is bushveld-meat! I'm eating this! Really good stuff!"

They disgust Marzeus now. He wishes he had never brought them along. He had brought them right to a beautiful animal in nature, and all they could think about was to kill it and stuff their faces with it.

Marzeus takes Wolverine back to the van. He wishes the other two would help him with the dogs as he had intended, but instead... he thinks he's going to be sick as he looks back. They're now using the log he had previously brought to the hole to try and save the warthog, as something to beat and break off the warthog's teeth! Oh no! Something he had brought to the scene is now being used as a weapon of harm and murder... He feels more and more like the murderer here, even if unintentional.

After loading Wolverine in the van, he wishes he could think fast. Think of a reason that would compell them to stop what they're doing. But there's just nothing coming to him right now! He feels like a beaten man.

There comes Specter with the rest of the dogs. But Weener isn't coming.

"Weener will stay and keep guard so the warthog doesn't escape. You and I can take the dogs back and come back with your gun."

They drive for a while. Marzeus finally decides he's just going to say it.

"I'm sorry Specter, you'll have to come back alone to come get Weener. I feel too sorry for that warthog."

Specter protests for a bit, but Marzeus's mind is made up. He cannot save the animal now because he knows their minds are set on slaughtering it and they'll do it no matter what he says, but he'll be darned if he's going to be the one to do their killing for them against his own will...

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