Why Do Some Wikinut Articles Disappear Before They Get Published

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Have you labored over a Wikinut article, only to hit "publish" and have the article disappear? It does not show up anywhere in the system, it does not get published, and does not show up in the unreviewed section. What happens to these articles? What causes the vanishing Wikinut article glitch?

Where Did My Wikinut Article Go?

The other day I was writing an article about a great place to share your Wikinut articles to increase your views and get paid for sharing your links. As I was writing it I noted that on the left-hand side of the screen, where it says "Your pages" it said (2,1). I thought this was odd but continued along eventually hitting the submit button and signing off for the night, expecting to see the article published the next day.

The next day my article was not published, and when I checked, it was nowhere to be found. I checked to see if it had been rejected, nope; only a blank draft by the same name was in my "Your pages" section.

What I Think Happened

Thinking back I remembered that as I was picking the category for my article, I changed my mind a few times. I could be wrong, but I do suspect that this is what triggered the glitch to occur which erased the article I had been working on. Again please note, this is only a guess as to what caused the error, I am not certain.

As such now when I write for Wikinut, I either write in a word program, so I can save my work on my computer before uploading it here, or keep an eye on that right hand columm to make sure the numbers are correct. If they show differently I would start afresh. I am sure if a person has several articles they are uploading at a time the numbers would be different due to those reasons though, and not the glitch.

I feel this is important information to pass on to other Wikinut users as I gather this odd error has happened to a few people, some on a consistent basis.


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author avatar Sherrill Fulghum
20th Jul 2015 (#)

After having a number of articles not get published for whatever the reason, I have started checking after each post to make sure it was loaded for review...it frequently takes two and sometimes three tries to get it loaded.
Maybe the system gets overloaded, I don't know; but it sure gets inconvenient when I have a piece that includes several sections.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
20th Jul 2015 (#)

I write in word program and upload to Wikinut. It has happened few times I had to upload again as the article was not saved despite my pressing the key.

I use Google Chrome and I am not sure whether that is the ideal browser for Wikinut siva

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author avatar Retired
20th Jul 2015 (#)

Yeah, I too have faced the same problem on a couple of occasions.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
20th Jul 2015 (#)

Brenda, this is an excellent article to write about. My articles disappear almost daily. They simply vanish into thin air never to be seen again. Fortunately for me once I write a story I know it by heart and I put it back through for publishing. It is so frustrating. I almost always use general fiction for my category so I don't think that's what I'm doing wrong. I have no idea where the problem is for me. I wish I didn't have to deal with it though because some days it can be very frustrating. Smiles to you today and always!

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author avatar Retired
20th Jul 2015 (#)

Same with me, but I use word and have my writing backed up these days.

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author avatar Legend
20th Jul 2015 (#)

Well, I have has it happen a few times. I can tell you that saving your writing in word helps but is a small consolation if you are using several pictures and advanced formatting options
I have noticed that these vanishings tend to occur on weekends more than anything else so I suspect that it is indeed server related. I also suspect the error comes up when the article moves to "under-review" although since I am not an admin I cannot follow up on my suspicions...

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author avatar Papa KyKy
20th Jul 2015 (#)

Legend is correct. When the article is in the "under-review" status, that is the only place that the article will appear. This happened to me recently as well. As others have said, its always good to back up your work offline, as well as saving a draft on the website prior to publishing.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
20th Jul 2015 (#)

There has for some time been a problem with Wikinut (and it is not only when you hit the publish button) I have had articles disappear when I save and exit from the page as well as when I press "Publish"

The answer is to keep an off-line copy of everything before you press the "Publish" button - I copy the whole article to Evernote, including the bold or italic commands and the "link=" components. On one occasion I had seven attempts to publish a piece.

I have written to the owner about this problem but have heard nothing back.

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author avatar peachpurple
31st Jul 2015 (#)

It happened to me five times already until i realized that each time i edit anything, i must press save draft first before leave this page. Very dangerous to have the article missing

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