Why I Think Money is Important for Writing

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Money is important since it allows you to write something of value to and for others. this allows you to continue your work.

Money Money Money.... and Writing

You make money writing. This should be a statement of fact for anyone person who dreams of becoming a writer. Writing for a living is something that Washington Irving proved long ago. Anyone person with a small bit of time and talent can write.

Anyone can make money online it seems. There are enough people out there who want to make money but do not want to write. They know a lot about all these confusing things such as: keyword tools, search engines, and just about anything under the sun when it comes to making money online.

What they do not know is that they are really not wanting to share something that requires a person to enjoy what they are reading and enjoy and share what they are writing. Either way they are writers. They punched together a string of letter to create words that people understand.

Writing... and Money

As a writer you have to think positive. You can not have doubts or fears that you can not write. Most people can write. They need only to learn the language and teh few basic words to do this.

Not everyone who writes will make money either by writing online or otherwise. So, yes to really be a happy writer you need to make some sort of money. It is possible and most writers make a bit of money to be happy.

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author avatar LOVERME
19th Feb 2011 (#)

i can say for certain
no poet alive could survive on poetry earnings only
after death the publishers shall

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author avatar Denise O
21st Feb 2011 (#)

I have yet to get a pay out and I am happy but, I have also taken this time as a learning experience. I hope t one day make a real go at making the money roll in. Until then, I just enjoy what I am doing. Good read.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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