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Writers? Are you often asked why you write? Can you come up with a good answer? Here are several I have come up with over the years.

Why I Write

Writers? Are you often asked why you write? Can you come up with a good answer? Here are several I have come up with over the years.

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Why I Write

I write because I have something important to say, and the act of writing is the only way for me to find out just what that something is.

I write because once a young woman cried alone at an airport after she had hugged a soldier goodbye, and I was the only person who seemed to notice.

I write to secure my memories. My grandfather was a brilliant, loving, gentle giant of a man who had all of his memories slowly stolen from him until he died alone without them.

I write because when oil is spilled into a puddle, it looks like a rainbow melted.

I write because I'm not sure if God exists, but I know for a fact that there are angels everywhere.

I write because words mean things.

I write because Mylissa isn't a real person, I created her, but I worry about her every night as if she were my own daughter.

I write because I can make people laugh out loud, and nothing makes me feel better than when I make someone laugh out loud.

I write because you're still reading.

I write because people help other people every day and we never hear about it, but we need to.

I write because some day I'd like to be well-known, but not well-recognized.

I write because the important thing is the obvious thing that no one is talking about.

I write because no one is lonely until some one is gone.

I write because people can fall easily in love with my words and that makes me feel like they've fallen in love with me. And who doesn't want to feel loved?

I write because there are hundreds of emotions that don't have names.

I write because once someone who is smarter than me told me that I was good at it.

I write because there are people who will pay me to do it, even when I don't do it well.

I write because writing has gotten me laid more often than you'd ever believe.

I write because sometimes when we're talking, I can't say what I want to say.

I write because once I held a big black dog in my arms and cried as he quietly died.

I write because no one else has ever written exactly what I want to read. So it's all up to me.

I write because once you put a thought on paper and let someone else read it, you can never, ever take it back.

I write because once a woman winked at me and I'm still trying to understand why she did that.

I write because on paper I'm often eloquent. In real life, I'm often not.

I write because there are days when my soul screams silently.

I write because maybe someday something I write will inspire someone to do something good for someone else.

I write because waitresses call me "Hun" and truck drivers call me "Buddy" and little things like that cause me to laugh and wonder.

I write because sometimes we all do things we wish we wouldn't have.

I write because I'm desperate for praise.

I write so my parents can tell their friends that they have a son who is a writer.

I write because sometimes it's so much fun.

I write because words in parenthesis can sometimes make me feel aroused (they really can.)

I write because English is a living language, which means that I can turn phrases that Shakespeare and Dickens couldn't.

I write because fictional characters who deserve to live never have to die.

I write because I don't agree that the ocean is beautiful.

I write because a hug is wonderful one day, awkward the next.

I write because I am a father of daughters, and that's not as easy as it sounds.

I write because when I write really well, my wife is proud of me.

I write because I know there are still new and unique ways to describe a kiss, even though it's been done 10 billion times.

I write because I want people to be entertained for a little while.

I write because we're all here on this Earth to help each other get through this thing, whatever it is.

I write because I realized that I would never play center field for the Yankees and I would never be the lead singer for a heavy metal band.

I write because it's the only time I'm really in charge of things.

I write because almost always I want to be sitting quietly with someone I care about on a dock at a lake in Minnesota under a yellow moon on a warm summer night when the loons are laughing, but almost always that's not where I am.

I write because some of the things I write make me happy, some of them make me sad and some of them make me think. And maybe they can do the same for you.


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author avatar Esther Thornburg
7th Jul 2013 (#)

Writing holds endless learning and enjoyment.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
8th Jul 2013 (#)

I get the feeling Iowascribe , that you like writing !
I liked reading this writing , and I will endeavour to read more . ( I am from the UK so my spelling of some words may be different , but they are correct )
I love writing also , but my works is God inspired , for which I make no apology .
God bless you in all your future posts .
Stella >I<

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
8th Jul 2013 (#)

Excuse me ...I should have said ...are...not is .
I still like writing .
Bless you
Stella >I<

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author avatar Retired
8th Jul 2013 (#)

Writing is fun thing to do and there you can express your inner feeling towards others.

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author avatar LOVERME
21st Jul 2013 (#)

you kindly read my poetry ...and you will see
poetry creates creativity
...we all are actors
some of screen ..
some of writing ...
and poetry I So I am an actor of creatinvity
virgin poetry

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author avatar LOVERME
21st Jul 2013 (#)

creativity typo

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