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Why I wrote the Writer's Sidekick Series. For one simple reason. I struggled for years organizing my rambling thoughts in order to write my novels. I spent more time looking for my notes than actually writing.

Where are my notes?

Where my notes? That has been the most asked question I have asked my self over the years. I could never find them. They were everywhere. I had written notes on napkins, table covers, notebooks, you name it, I probably wrote on it.

I'd get an idea and wrote it on anything that I could find. It was frustrating to say the least. After that, I started carrying a notebook. Still do. Where ever I go I pulled out my notebook and wrote my deepest thoughts, my hopes and dreams, my ideas for a great story. Etc.

Then of course I lose my notebook, tore out the pages, wrote so many things in it, that I forgot what was in them. I counted four such books in my closet today. I really need to go through them and write them in a bucket list of sorts. Hey great idea for a notebook. Stay tuned for that one.

Many, many, many notebooks later.

Yes, many, many, many notebooks later, I came to a decision. What happened to my notebooks. Let me tell you. Like I said, I found a few notebooks in my closet, but that's not all I found.
I found over 35 notebooks and each one had a different story in it. Some of the notebooks have a paragraph or two of a story. Others have the entire story planned out. A few have tabs that I created to keep track of the characters, locations, story arc, etc. And yes. I do have a few completed manuscripts that I haven't had the time to edit. I'm currently working on one and I hope to have it published this year. Of course with the help of Writer's Sidekick for Novels.

Two Years Later

It took me about two years to finally get the book to a point that I am comfortable with. I took one of the notebooks with the tabs and decided to plan out my notebook for my other novels.
My first draft was hilariously inconvenient. The lines were small. The size was 5x8 and wire bound. Not bad, but still not what I wanted. I did pictures, each chapter had a story. The words didn't match the lines, it was a mess.
A few months later I re-did the entire process. Only now I made it more legible, with proper lines, and perfect bound. Nah. Didn't work. The few copies I still have are hard to work on. There's so many things wrong with it. I had to try again. And yes, again and again.

Writer's Sidekick for Novels

After those two long, hard working years I published Writer's Sidekick for Novels. It's 8.5' x 11", perfect bound, and easy to fill in the blanks. I had added chapters, deleted chapters, made lines wider, narrower, and more. I very dear friend became my beta reader. She made so many corrections to it. I think she bled on it with real blood and not a red pen. I know I cried tears of blood over the book.
Now you can purchase the book directly from The Writer's Sidekick website. You even get a discount for reading this article. Which is cool. Code: 7VXBF7KH

My Greatest Achievement So Far

I get a discount when I order my own notebooks. :)
I now have one notebook for each of my stories. No more many notebooks with tabs, and different sections ready to be filled in. I am happy to say that all the notebooks have the basics: free writing, story concept, plot, theme, characters, locations, synopsis, query letters, submissions, and more.
I also wrote sections so you can take notes of your publishing. If you want to self publish, go with a vanity press, or have a publishing house take a look at it. You now have one place to take notes of the entire process of writing your novel.


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
16th May 2014 (#)

so worthwhile writing things down and then voila! you have a book ready to go....thank you for this...

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author avatar Ptrikha
19th May 2014 (#)

So what all topics you write on? And why the word "Sidekick"?

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author avatar Andres Fragoso Jr
19th May 2014 (#)

The different topics so far in the series are:
Notebook for Novels
Notebook for Blogs
Notebook for Names (this way you keep track of the names you have used and what book they're in)

Coming soon are:
Notebook for Author Website
Bucket List Notebook
and morel.

Sidekick. Well even the best protagonists need a sidekick. As an author now you have your Notebook Sidekick for you works of literature.
Sherlock Holmes solved the crimes, but Watson kept him informed.

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