Why I really kind of like the Pauls

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This is not something many would expect from me, if they know where I stand politically. I am a Democrat who would be tempted by the Green party, if I thought they stood a chance. And yet, some of what the Pauls say, I like. Interesting, I think.

My take

Now, for those that really know me, this might or might not be an odd title for the article. I am a liberal democrat so what could I possibly like about two of the best known conservatives. Well, it is specific, trust me.

I like Ron and Rand because they are anti-interventionalist in their view on foreign policy. They believe, and have stated that if it doesn't directly affect us, as in an attempted bombing on our territory, it is NOT our business and we should stay out. I agree wholeheartedly but would say that the reason I feel that way is that we have proven to be so darn bad at "nation building". This is especially true in the middle east.

Once again, we find ourselves having to consider whether to send aid to Iraq as they proceed to fight each other. If we hadn't allowed Bush and company to lie us into the war in Iraq the first time, we would not even be in this position now. How many times will the US intervene and "nation build" only to have to "rescue the world" from another disaster.

I remember sitting in a group at church talking about the first foray into Iraq and my pastor saying "we have to get rid of Saddam and it can't get worse"...only it did. With his death, and our attempt at nation building, the threat that had kept violence down between all the opposed factions has been removed so now everybody is free to fight everybody else. And who is being once more approached to pick up the pieces?? We in the United States of course.

So I applaud the Pauls for standing in opposition to those more war inclined regardless of party, and saying "stay out". Interesting that Rand is now being crucified by many on the right. I guess the Pauls don't pay proper attention to the Military-Industrial complex that no less a President than eisenhoer warned us about.

But don't worry, the world is still on its axis. I won't vote for Rand anymore than I did for Paul. Reason: social darwinism. The results of that is that the rich will continue to get richer, and more powerful, and the poor will get poorer and less powerful.

Now, if we could just elect two presidents, one for foreign and one for domestic policy, Rand might just get my vote for foreign policy


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author avatar M G Singh
6th Mar 2015 (#)

Nice post, but I wonder how the political system works in the USA with just 2 major party's

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author avatar Vickie Collins
6th Mar 2015 (#)

Well, 99 times out of a hundred what actually happens is a field of candidates fight it out, attacking each other like vicious animals, and then one "wins" for each party and they all together around that particular parties "winner" and go after the office - once again fighting like cats and dogs.....smearing each other's reputation as much as possible. You may think I am being flippant, but that seriously is pretty much how it works.

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author avatar Carol Roach
6th Mar 2015 (#)

the us created the disaster in Iraq because of haliburton and their interests in oil. So it was only ethical that it help out with the mess afterward.
Canada did not believe in the massive weapons propaganda. But we their in Afghanistan fighting in the most dangerous places against the Taliban, many countries have been and still do but if you listen to American media only the US is doing anything, that is such a blatant lie.

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author avatar Vickie Collins
6th Mar 2015 (#)

Yeah, Carol, I was for the Afghanistan thing since it was right after an attack on our land, but then we went to Iraq....and I don't doubt that Halliburton etc had something do with it, but I think generally we should have left Iraq the way it was instead of invading. We have only managed to make things worse - in my not so humble opinion. Far from "cleaning it up".

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