Why Korean Stars are unique

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A small list on why Asians are going gaga over Korean Stars.

Anyong Haseo everyone!

Small kids, big kids, and people of all ages love 'em. People are going crazy over them , girls scream over their Korean idols, guy drool over the korean sexy girls. Many asians are addicted to their dramas because of their unique twists. But, there's more to it right?

More! more! more! you love korean stars when you ...

1. Love the way their outfit looks ,even if it looks too large for them that they already looked liked little kids with overgrown-shirts
Yup, a typical korean star can be thin like small kid that wears over sized shirts but can still make a fashion statement but unfortunately to a normal Asian, it can look a lil bit stupid . Heh.

2. Memorized all the lyrics in their songs even if it is composed of repeated lyrics and you don't even understand it one bit

Usually ,Asians can go crazy to a boy band or a girl band in korea even if they don't understand it one bit. I can't blame them since koreans can compose lyrics that are catchy and good in beats. Top it off with awesome dance moves and viola they have made a viral music video.
3. Downloaded all the latest episodes of Korean dramas
- Most Asians are crazy about the dramas because of it's typical , handsome-filthy-rich-arrogant-boy suddenly fells in love with poor-unfortunate-mostly acting stupid-kind-of-girls kind of love story. Don't ever forget the famous little kids-who-have-grown-up-over-the-years-but-are-still-inlove-with-each-other kind of story. Sigh, korean dramas have it all.
4. Don't forget their famous Korean FOOD
-Man oh man, i would loooveee to try their famous foods shown in korean dramas. They made it look oh sooo yummy with their slurping in the middle of the winter eating with still smoking hot noodles.

5. Phones that are almost always identical XD
- Have you ever noticed that all phones that are used in Korean dramas are almost always looks identical with each other ? Usually it Samsung , korea's most famous brand of cellphone. Oh and they seem to have the identical ringtone too!

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author avatar Jules Castillo
22nd Mar 2012 (#)

KPOP, Korean TV series and clothing is conquering the Philippines....

only trendy people enjoy them. SuperJunior, Girls Generation and a lot of them sound samey in every song they release.

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author avatar aishdomo
23rd Mar 2012 (#)

^ that's what grab the attention of Asians, the same style can be very addictive

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author avatar Sharon
23rd Feb 2013 (#)

#Korean Drama I love to watch my idol drama,Jang Keun Suk!!

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author avatar cyjh
16th Apr 2013 (#)

I love Korean dramas too!
Really addictive! ^^

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author avatar cyjh
16th Apr 2013 (#)

I love Korean dramas too!
Really addictive! ^^

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