Why Monday isn't worse than Wednesday

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Life is too short to keep craving for weekends to arrive.

Why Monday isn´t worse than Wednesday

If anyone thought that Monday is the worst day in the week, they were wrong, because now it happens that for many, a worst day is Wednesday, because it´s when their tasks accummulate.
Or Sunday as Jean Paul Sartre said it was a murdered day, because all of us crave for Sunday to arrive, but when it does, we don´t know what to do with a full day off from obligations and weekday routine and we fall into a different routine that is having to enjoy ourselves at all costs, because it´s Sunday and on the next day we´ll have to go back to work and to week routine and obligations. This may explain why our tasks accummulate on Wednesday. We don´t feel like doing much on Mondays. Therefore, on Wednesdays, we´ve to what we didn´t do on Monday, Tuesday and what we have to do on Wednesday.
Another reason for hating Mondays I can think of is that most people hate what they´re doing. They´re unhappy with the jobs they have. They´d like to change, but they don´t see a way for change, or they are, perhaps, not brave enough to face change and they dread uncertainty in the process of changing.
Thus, an office employee, for instance, will head for work on Mondays as though they were heading to the chamber of torture.. Others performing more strainous work will complain that they´re tired and that they need more sleep.
I don´t see any difference between a Monday, a Tuesday or any other day of the week. Every day is as good as any other. We should be happy enough to start on a new and fresh week to tackle on whatever we have to.
It isn´t Monday what´s making us unhappy, but it´s perhaps what we´re doing every day.
If one hates its workplace and its work colleagues, one should be brave enough to find a way for change instead of blaming at this or that day. It isn´t easy to change a specific job or lifestyle, but it requires to pluck up courage to find a way for change. After all, life is too short to keep craving for the weekend to arrive. what about the rest of the week?

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author avatar Retired
7th Oct 2014 (#)

Very nice article. Everyday is an opportunity. If we need a change in jobs, if we keep seeking it, we most likely will find the right one.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
14th Oct 2014 (#)

Interesting post and one of a kind writing!

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