Why Snakes Don't Have Legs

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Why don't snakes have legs? Well, it all began with a stubborn lizard named Jack...

Why Snakes Don't Have Legs

A long time ago, snakes were like lizards. They had legs. However, something happened that changed that.

One day Jack the Lizard was walking to the creek. He wanted to get a drink of water. However, when he got to the creek, he saw a giraffe drinking from the creek. Jack said, “This is my creek. You aren’t allowed to drink from this creek. Go find another place to drink.” The giraffe didn’t know any other creeks, so he said, “You go to another creek. This is MY creek.” Jack was frustrated that the giraffe wouldn’t go away. He knew about another creek, but it was very, very far away. Since the giraffe wouldn’t go away from his favorite creek, he decided to show the giraffe the way. Jack said, “Follow me, and I’ll bring you to another creek you can drink from.” The giraffe agreed to follow Jack to the creek. Jack started off towards the creek with the giraffe following him. Jack had very short legs, and the other creek was very far away. His legs were getting sore. The giraffe, on the other hand, had very long legs, and wasn't tired at all. After a very long time Jack finally got to the creek. His legs were very sore and hurt. Then, he had to walk back. Along the way, his legs got so tired that they fell off. Jack didn't have legs anymore. His offspring are called snakes.


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author avatar limelda
1st Nov 2010 (#)

Good one. I enjoy reading it a lot :)

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author avatar Denise O
1st Nov 2010 (#)

Sooooooooooo that' why, now I know. LOL
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
1st Nov 2010 (#)

thats what you get for being a selfish jerk

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author avatar Kssnnsncsncsnn
21st Mar 2012 (#)

lol nice one

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author avatar Cheah kien soon
21st Mar 2012 (#)

i think its ermmmmm........well, a good and damn well written piece....

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