Why The Conservative Political Movement Is Not An Ideology

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As opposed to ideological agendas in the American political arena, conservatism is more a way of life based upon common sense than it is shoving the arrogance of intellectual superiority down the throats of the unwilling as liberals often do.

Common sense without a fascist agenda.

America has experienced an unprecedented decline in recent years due to the uninvited interjection of leftist liberal influence that has sought to impose a set of ideals foreign to the original intentions of our forefathers who drafted the US Constitution. The simplicity and conciseness of this document is emblematic of the distilled logic of those who had been through the ravages of over regulation and taxation without representation, as we are seeing in Washington DC today.

Irony of Contradiction

It is absolutely ironic that the greatest nation on earth that emerged in record time and with an emphasis on freedom and human rights became a beacon of light to those seeking the things that the Pilgrims seeking religious freedom sought over two centuries ago. The oppressed, the persecuted, the refugees, and those seeking asylum have long looked to America as a haven from these detriments. Yet, an unspeakable plague of liberal assault, socialist propaganda, and departure from the US Constitution has changed the landscape of America.

Impact of the republic

Our founding fathers such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington established a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy as the uninformed continually misquote and refer to. These men lived under the oppression of big government, over taxation, unnecessary regulation, and police state rule. They knew what they were doing when they constructed the republic. They knew what it was their freedoms under harsh rule from self righteous bureaucrats such as we are seeing in the Obama administration.

The utopian illusion

Big government constantly belabors the premise that it can legislate a utopia, that it can regulate and tax it's way into a benevolent regime of logic that exceeds the validity of the will of the people it sees as those that should be ruled over. Without debate, without oversight, and with only the semblance of free choice, big government dictates to the people what the terrorcrats have defined as the best interests of the masses. A historical perspective informs us that the master planning and obsessive mentality for control that exists within the halls of leftist liberal regimes results in iron fisted tactics, mandatory restrictions, and the illusion of freedom.

Essence of rights

Our founding forefathers established that rights of the individual are not granted by government. Individual rights, the freedom to pursue one's happiness, are natural rights given to us by God. A government consisting of human beings does not have the ultimate wisdom to grant something as essential and spiritual as such gifts to man and women of all races, nations, and creeds. Therefore, government is to play a minimal role in society that provides the basic services of necessity such as protection of our borders, establishing a legal system, maintaining a standing army for defense, a legislative and executive body, but functioning as a republic that acknowledges that the people own that government and it is to serve them.

Where they failed

Every dynasty, every empire, every feudal system every imposed upon the people who became serfs, subjects, or slaves has failed. Why? Because the very needs of human nature demand freedom in order to realize happiness, productiveness, and harmony within that society. A one size fits all suffocating government that stifles the private sector in order to perpetuate itself will rely upon corruption, fascist brutality, and a threatening form of control over the individual to the point of government being the problem and not the solution. Such is the case in America today under the Obama White House. When you rob incentive from human beings you get stagnation!

Bringing back oppression

Free enterprise, the pursuit of happiness, minimal taxation, decentralization, and less regulation are the elements that contributed to a prosperous American society during the 13 Colonies as well as in 20th Century America until the imposition of the Federal Reserve, the Internal Revenue Service, progressive policies, and indoctrination of the American public through influence over government funded public schools. Big government arrived and began its assault on America.

What happened without the conservative voice

The departure from conservative values is at the core of this massive social failure existing in the US now where liberal policies that required over spending in order to achieve social engineering too k precedence over the common sense logic of conservative politics. The US Constitution is an excellent example of conservatism and how clear and efficient it can be without burdening citizens with agendas that are unrealistic and costly as liberals would do under the aegis that government can create a utopia which history has proven again and again-it cannot.


The decline of America due to the effects of liberalism under the last six years of the Obama White House should serve as an example to anyone that illustrates how a departure from conservative values can wreck the best of plans and the most successful of human rights oriented societies. When government officials impose their ideology upon the masses under the arrogance of master planning their vision of a social utopia, that society is doomed. Conservatism would be the opposite to this approach allowing the unrestrained productivity of the masses to create an economic windfall rather than using over taxation and over regulation to force a means to an end.

The key element

When the US government decided to ignore the US Constitution and the conservative values contained within it, As President Obama flaunted Constitutional law with impunity, the nation faltered. America ceased being America. This nation was no longer the beacon of hope and freedom it once had been. America became a shell of its once great self conveying only an illusion of what adhering to the US Constitution and its conservative values that had once made this nation great.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
11th Jul 2014 (#)

First of all you need a history lesson. The founding fathers you cite here, like Franklin and Jefferson, were no conservatives. The conservatives of those days were the tories who wanted to stay under the crown. Guys like Jefferson and Franklin were radical left-wing revolutionaries who your buddies at Fox News would today be calling socialists.

You call for less regulation. Less regulation like repealing Glass-Steagall allowed the banks to run amok -as unregulated capitalists will always do - and the economic meltdown of 2008-9 to happen.

You say the country has experienced a great decline under Obama's leftist policies, so I guess you think the country was in great shape when Bush lied us into war and bankrupted the treasury doing it.

And incidentally, Obama is way more to the right that to the left. He's in bed with Wall Street bankers, and Hillary is more to the right than he is.

Copnservatives are always on the wrong side of history. They were against the American Revolution, against eliminating slavery, against women getting the right to vote, against desegregation, against voting rights, against minimum wage increases, against social security, against medicare.

Go back abd plant yourself in the 1890s my friend, 'cause that's where you belong.

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author avatar Murray Taylor
17th Jul 2014 (#)

I hate to be picky but I can't help myself..

'conservatism is more a way of life based upon common sense' - You spoke later in that same sentence that liberalism is the 'arrogance of intellectual superiority'. Is claiming your position being that of 'common sense' not putting you in that position?

'America has experienced an unprecedented decline in recent years' - this is the focusing effect. Placing too much importance on one aspect. The far-left reason for America's decline is capitalism. The neo-liberal being the debt.

'emphasis on freedom and human rights' - Most left-wingers, base their beliefs on freedom and human rights. Even the Nazi's based their beliefs on 'Food and Freedom'. This is anchoring those traits. Your forefathers created the radical far-left government of their time in response to the Tories, which were the conservative government at the time (later being seen as reactionaries) to establish such left-wing beliefs.

'The oppressed, the persecuted, the refugees, and those seeking asylum ' - Again, the left wing push reforms for such people. America also brought slaves with them and the forefathers, although limiting their use, mostly owned slaves themselves.

'The utopian illusion' - This paragraph as a whole actually sounds like an anarcho-liberal argument rather than a conservative. Regardless, big government has no comparison to individual liberty. In a 100% democratic country where there is no president and people vote for literally everything they would need a huge government to regulate and enforce the policies the people choose. Monarchs were examples of small governments whom supressed individual liberty.

'Essence of Rights' - This paragraph confuses me.. Religiously I understand why you would believe that humans are imperfect and god has ultimate right to rule but.. That's theocracy. If the government won't provide rights then who will.. You say they need to provide a legal system, is this not the government providing rights? If the people own the government.. wouldn't that be democratic socialism?

'Every dynasty, every empire, every feudal system..' 'has failed. Why?' - Again anchoring, basing all the problems on one aspect. Empires have fallen for many reasons with only some including the peoples 'freedom'.

'A one size fits all suffocating government that stifles the private sector' - So this sounds like laissez faire which is neo-liberal. Conservatism would want to keep things as they are.

'fascist brutality' - Fascists are right wing.

'control over the individual' - Classic Liberals, Communism and Socialism all wish for individuals to have more control. All hate the concept of control over the individual. This is not a unique argument.

'imposition of the Federal Reserve, the Internal Revenue Service, progressive policies,' - The Federal Reserve isn't part of the government. It is a privately owned bank. The IRS collect taxes which any government needs to run regardless of size and progressive policies are what America adopted in the first place.

'The US Constitution is an excellent example of conservatism' - Hate to labour the point but.. Conservatism means you like things the way they are. Reactionary means you want things to go back the way they were and the American Constitution was liberal. Radical even.

'departure from conservative values can wreck the best of plans and the most successful of human rights oriented societies.' - Hate to voice the opposition again but, Human Rights is a huge part of left-wing parties. Liberals want more open governments and communist/socialists want everyone to be treated equally and both want to push for better health-care and public schools and the recognition of LGBTQIA people.

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