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This is a Page to let people who are following me, know why I choose to use a pen name and the reason I use the name Deborah Judges.

Get It Out Write It Down, Or Else...

I was born a writer. I started my first Journal at age 9,( If you have been following me in these Journal entries I talk about my love of keeping Journals and writing in general, You can find that already published piece through the link above)

I can't believe there are people who can't write stories, or write a book, or who don't feel an emotional release when they write down their thoughts, feelings and emotions. But there are people that feel that way about their favorite musical instruments,. people who can't believe others can't draw. sketch, paint, and so on. For me, the words flow pretty freely, it seems sometimes the words flow straight from my hands. My favorite way to Journal is to use a medium point pen, and a bound Journal. The feeling I get from actually writing is better than from typing. I'm sure that is because I'm a terrible typist and my words have to slow down and flow to the pace that I can type, so that I don't make a lot of mistakes.

Sometimes there is no other outlet that I have that can let loose the pent up thoughts and feelings that build like pressure in me. I think that's the soul of an artistic type person that PASSIONreading what you wrote, can surprise you that you felt so strongly about the subject at hand. I often wonder if artists that paint stand back and look at their completed work and say "I created THAT?"

If you are a painter, and you know what i;m talking about, please leave me a comment. I have always wondered that. Maybe now through being published on the internet,, and being capable of reaching a larger audience, there will be that one person that can answer that. Or you might tell me that's my own mental process and I'm full of words AND hot air..

Why Use Deborah Judges?

The reason I even use a name, other than my own, is simply because I want the words to stand by themselves. Ok, so what does that mean? To me it means these words were meant to be written down by someone and although I was chosen to write them I don't necessarily deserve any accolades from them

But the reason I chose Deborah Judges, is quite a different thing! That was because of how God helped me overcome my shyness. Judges 4:4 in God's Holy Bible is where a woman name Deborah became a judge for God's people. First of all this story really spoke to me. The setting is in a time period where a woman "knew her place" but this was no ordinary woman! She was also a Prophetess. God gave her Knowledge that she used to help His people. If you keep reading that story you find out God tells her to gather an army and send them to defeat their enemy because it was time that they weren't burdened by him anymore. Well this head GUY he says "'m only going to go if you go!" His fears would be calmed if SHE a WOMAN would go into battle with him. And she didn't hem and haw or take a long time to answer her answer was an immediate, yes. She was so sure of God and so okay within her own self, she knew nothing would happen to them. Well I have read that story a few times in my life, but then one day the meaning of that story for me came as an epiphany. God wanted me to be so sure of Him and so sure of my own self that I could follow Him anywhere. And then God prepared me to be that person. That preparation came upon me last year, about this time of year. And I wrote my book.

Then a strange thing happened. At first, I was all fired up about the book and wanted to get it published right away, but then this Peace came over me. Having that peace I saved the book and I haven't opened it since!. The book is completely finished, even has a Foreward from a well known Therapist and Speaker from the Houston area. She is a good friend of mine, but 21 years ago she was MY therapist. The book has some of the therapy sessions we had together in it and I explain how the session helped me. When I sent her the book to preview and hopefully agree to .write the Foreward, she loved the book (I'm sure she did, she was attaching her name to it)

So Where Is This Book?

Right now the book is sitting in a file on a CD. I was so much at Peace when I read the book in it's entirety, I knew that I had written a very good book. God took me on that Journey and I learned that I was made just like Deborah, Confident in the person God put his faith in.

Recently a little voice told me that that between now and 2015 I will get the book published. But God laid it on my heart, that I had to change something in the book and I agreed.

I will soon make those changes and the right opportunity will come along and the book will be published.Since there are many words in my heart that have yet to be spoken. I'm sure there will be more books that I write.

Read Everything!

I read an accomplished Author once said "If you want to be a good writer then read everything you can get you hands on" Well I believe that to be true. I have devoured many books in my lifetime and really paid attention to the style of the writer and which writers I like to read which writers I don't want to read.

Me personally I don't want to read 25 adjectives describing one thing. I want in on the action. Yes, set up the setting but don't waste words on how bright the sun was if it has nothing to do with the settings placement. Now if it's "High Noon" tell me about the sun, but if your going to talk about two lovers kissing, the sun doesn't need to be paid attention to all that much. That's just my opinion. When an Author is two wordy I picture him/her trying to meet a deadline and having to have so much of the book written before that deadline in order to get his next commission fee.I hope I'm never in that unfortunate predicament.

Come on we all did it in school, right? We had a thousand word essay to be done and adjectives were the main part of the sentence structure. Some of my friends described the setting and had very little theme to their Essay at all. Eh, but that's just me. I want a good, thick plot!

When I wrote my book I set up the scene[/i and left the rest to your own imagination.Words my words,were like my own DNA! I was so worried about someone steal My Words that I froze as a writer. So God taught me the words,thoughts,feelings, and emotions weren't mine to hang onto. He had blessed me with a gift and in order to use that gift I had to set myself aside and let them stand on their own merit. By using a pen name I do that very thing. Sure my friends and family know who I really am but I'm thankful so far that The words have stood for themselves.I pray that my dreams of getting my book published will become a reality. Eh, who am I kidding MY BOOK WILL BE PUBLISHED!


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I I have kept Journals on and off for 38 years. Sometimes the words. thoughts and feelings fly from my mind to the page; just streaming through my fingers.

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author avatar Ron Flowers
10th Feb 2014 (#)

I would never consider using a pen name, but to each his/her own. A lot of successful people have done so. Anyway, I enjoyed your article.

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author avatar Deborah Judges
11th Feb 2014 (#)

I understand using your own name completely.Thank you for reading my article.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
11th Feb 2014 (#)

There are many reasons to use a pen name or to seek anonymity yet write anyway and often it is what is written that is most important.

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author avatar Deborah Judges
11th Feb 2014 (#)

I agree, the words, and how they seem to flow is what is important to me, Thank you for reading my article!

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author avatar Grant Peterson
11th Feb 2014 (#)

I use a pen name.

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author avatar Deborah Judges
12th Feb 2014 (#)

Have you ever had any trouble with using a pen name?

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