Why We Commemorate 9/11

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After the tragic event that occurred on September 11, 2001, people still remember the sorrow and distress on that solemn day. Why?

Why We Commemorate 9/11

Every year, people from all over the U.S. remember and commemorate perhaps the most tragic event in history that occurred on September 11, 2001. Many lives were lost, and many more were affected. We have erected memorials to remind us of the event, and of the sheer tragedy of it. The memorials also honor all of the lost lives, and the courageous people who risked and lost their lives trying to save others. The memorials also give the families of the victims a moment of peace of mind, as they know that their loved ones will not go unrecognized.
And finally, the memorial helps us renew our hopes in preventing future terrorist attacks. Memorializing what happened on September 11, 2001, helps everyone recover from the deep sorrow.

9/11 was perhaps one of the most tragic terrorist attacks in U.S. History. Almost three thousand people died, compared to the two thousand fatalities of Pearl Harbor. The deaths of the victims were sickening; some victims chose to leap to their deaths from the windows rather than burn to death. There were less than three hundred bodies intact; the sheer amount of deaths was so large that fragments of humans were still found on adjacent buildings five years after the attack. The timing and precision of the attacks was horrifying, as it showed that the U.S. had formidable enemies who were willing to go to the extreme to make us fear them. Many content people who were happy with their lives suddenly became afraid, and many people feared that more terrorist attacks would ensue. Over three thousand children lost a parent, and twenty percent of the American population knew someone hurt or killed in the attacks. We memorialize 9/11 because we need to help these families of the victims. Providing support and remembering the victims will help families slowly recover and give people hope. Showing our respect for the victims will be beneficial for the families to recover.

Many people perished on 9/11, and many of them died in the act of a courageous deed. There were the people working in the building, who had no idea what had hit them. Many chose to jump, and it must have been a terrifying decision for them to pick how they would die. In addition, there were four planes that were hijacked, and on one of them the passengers tried to take back the plane from the terrorists. That plane ended up crashing into a field. 9/11 preserves the honor the people on that plane should have gotten, as the plane could have ended up in another skyscraper and killed hundreds of people. And finally, there were the firemen who risked their lives time and time again to save others. More than three hundred firemen perished, and many more of the surviving firemen’s lives were wrecked. FDNY (Fire Department of New York) member Steven Salzano said, “Everybody’s different; some guys became drunks and alcoholics, some guys had to get off the job, and other guys deal with it.” Some firemen were struggling with survivor’s guilt, and many quit their jobs. Almost a thousand firemen reported having breathing problems, which was thought to be caused by the dust cloud of asbestos, a cancer causing material. This shows that the attacks of 9/11 extended beyond just the deaths, and that many other people’s lives were affected.

We also memorialize 9/11 to give the U.S. population hope in preventing terrorist attacks. Reminding the population every year will help to remind them that the government is trying to do something, and that the people are safe. The government did respond to the 9/11 attacks with the plan Operation Enduring Freedom, and it did hurt some of the Taliban and staggered al-Qaeda. In addition, Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan on May 2, 2011 in Operation Neptune Spear. By commemorating 9/11, we are reminded of the ongoing fight against terrorism. Reports have shown that even some U.S. citizens have joined in the war against al-Qaeda. Dr. Charles Marmar, professor at New York University's Langone Medical Center, says, "For people who have relatively mastered a traumatic loss or stress reaction, a memorial serves a healthy and healing role. It helps them integrate and remember their experience. So memorializing honors those who are lost and helps the survivors who can manage grief well continue the process." This means that helping people remember lost ones will help grieving people recover.

Memorializing 9/11 every year may seem like a small event, but it really brings a great effect with it. Remembering the moment in history will keep us propelled forward and help grieving people recover. In addition, a moment this big in history certainly deserves the right to be remembered. Remembering the attacks will also give the government motivation to stop terrorists, and keep the public safe. Every year, as people stop and remember what happened on that day many years ago, they are commemorating a tragic moment in history. It helps everyone climb out of the abyssal depths of sorrow. This is why we commemorate 9/11, and it is why we should always keep on remembering what happened.

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