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What I did today. I visited the historical society in my town/city.

What I did today...

Today I got up early, for me. I went to the Brighton Historical Society. I met a lot of people. For some reason, I did not have a panic attack. I, seriously, do not normally do well around new people. I have spent so much time alone for the past 10 years that I get nervous when I am around people, especially new people. I had brought a Xanax, just in case, but did not need it. They all were very nice. It was only a small group of eight people, including me.

The building we were in is a historical building. It is an old one room school house, which had been added on to, over the years. I didn't see all of the rooms, as I was working in the back room. This room was filled with file cabinets, a couple of desks, and a lot of shelving. The shelving holds binders full of newspaper clippings, photos and advertisements. Each one of them details the history of each piece of land in the city.

This history goes, all of the way, back to the first settlers, back to when it was purchased from the Indians that inhabited the land. The first people to make it out to this particular area came from New York. His name was Maynard Maltby, he brought with him his younger brother and their brother-in-law. Mr. Maynard purchased land in what was to become Brighton Village. It was first called Ore Creek for the creek that ran through the area. There is no mention of what was here when it was still Ore Creek.

I looked at some of the binders and noticed that there was very little about the street that I live on. There were only photos of the first two houses. Houses which have since been acquired by the city and torn down. There is a new city parking lot built in their place. There is no mention of the other three homes, or what may have been there before. It may be my job to find out. I know I was lead there for a reason. I will ask about it the next time I go in.

I was surprised to learn that one of my neighbors is also involved in this group. She only comes in periodically, though. I am planning on going in every week that they are open. I love history and, as I get older, I become more fascinated about it. I am a life-long learner; history and writing appear to be my thing, these days.

I need to learn more about the homes on my street. When each home was built, who were the owners of each one. What was here before the Rail-Road came through. I've heard of an old barn having been down my street somewhere. A livery stable. My husband found the leg of a horse. when he was cleaning up the dirt under our home. We were doing some reconstruction on it at the time. So, I am cuious just what was down here.

I really enjoyed that part of my day. It was new. It was different than what I normally do. I am getting out of the house and around more people, which is important to my continued recovery and my mental state. Anyway, that is what I did today. My treat to myself. A walk down memory lane. And with that, I am off to bed.


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