Why a true photo pf one's self is important in the social networking sites!

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In the social networking sites like Facebook, many post their profile pictures with great leaders. of gods and goddesses, of animals, some even going for a gender swap. The author examines the issue and tries to diagonize the cause, suggesting that a true profile picture would enhance the transparency of communication.

The true profile!

Though I have written on the subject a few months ago, I had to write again. Photos in Facebook profile give an opportunity to renew memories in a jiffy. It is easy to place sometimes, even when the name is unknown or is forgotten, people whom we see often around with their original faces depicted in their profile pictures.

It is very usual to see photos of many celebrities, particularly film personalities like Shah Rukh Khan or Katrina Kaif with funny names. I read somewhere just today that there could be 9 people in this world with similar faces and there could be 9% chances of one coming across them. It seems that the chances have to be re-written now.

The next in line is great leaders like Abdul Kalam, or Modi. The third is even more difficult to digest, pictures of Gods and Goddesses! The most difficult are the men, who masquerade as women. Some desist from posting any picture at all. A few others change them too often, thanks to countless ‘selfies’ by the day. Some chose to fill the space with their favourite pets, dogs, cats, why even snakes! The most dreadful are the one who quietly chuckle at our misery, as we grope to decipher whatever the photo could be!

What makes one steal others profile pictures or impersonate as someone else, or other gender? Is it a fear of their account being hacked and their pictures morphed? Is it that they are in some psychological or emotional stress, wanting to find solace in the comfort of photos of great leaders? Is it that a gender swap gives greater admiration and increased number of friends? Is it that one’s religious depth and tastes are greater exposed with profile pictures of deities?

When victims of acid burn, braves to put their own photos, I would be happy to add them to my friends’ list, if their other parameters match with my philosophy. I ordinarily avoid faceless profiles as well as the kind above explained.

The fruits of connectivity should be truthful, transparent and logical!


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