Why am I Here?

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This is a short poem about my life and wondering about the greater purpose of my life.

Why am I Here?

Why am I here?
Every day, I wonder why I am here. It seems as though I should have a greater purpose in life. As a child, I always thought I would go on to do great things in life.
In junior high and high school, I had good grades and excelled academically. I knew that I should go on in life to do great things. I could be a pilot, I could be a teacher, I could be a businessman, or I could be a fireman. The world should have been my oyster; I could do anything I wanted.
So off to college I went; I would do great! I chose to follow the course of a businessman; I thought accounting would be the course for my life. It would give me a good living and I would be the scorekeeper for all of business.
At this point, I thought I knew why I am here.
Accounting, after the first two years, was not for me. The courses were too technical for me; in other words it was too hard. I just didn’t think I needed to work that hard in college. I wanted to have fun, not work. It was time to find another course.
I still thought I knew why I am here.
Marketing! How hard could that be? This is a program where there are no right answers. It is all concepts; it is all advertising, fun and games. When deciding to make the switch an advisor inferred to me, “marketers are the players, accountants are merely the scorekeepers. Do you want to be a player or scorekeeper?” I wanted to be the player, the big shot, the boss; marketing was the program for me. Although I never really felt like I was doing “my thing”, I finished my degree in four years. The best part is that in this program, I had to write many, many papers. That is a skill which would benefit me later in life.
After graduation, I still thought I knew why I am here.
For the first couple of years after college, I tried a few different industries for my career path. I thought at first this is what I wanted, then I thought I knew this is what I wanted and then I was sure I knew that this was what I wanted. Turns out, I was wrong.
I started to wonder why I am here.
After about two years, an opportunity came along. It was a good opportunity, it had decent earning potential, it was steady and it lasted for many years. This was not really a career, it was merely a job. It did provide well for my family, we never wanted for much. We took nice vacations, paid our bills and had the toys which allowed us to enjoy life. The down side of this business was there was a high level of stress.
Although I found an industry in which I managed to be successful, I still wondered, why am I here?
After reaching a point in my life where my family has no debt and we are settled into a routine, I switched jobs. Again, it is not a career, this is merely a job. It is low stress, it offers some challenges and it allows me and my family to live a simpler life.
However, I still wonder why I am here.
Where do I go from here? I still don’t know why I am here. I think I have touched other’s lives. I have a great family. I have even saved lives. I am not sure whether or not that is why I am here. Maybe it is, but I can’t answer the question.
I still think there is a bigger reason for me to be here, but I’m not sure. I plan to live a long life, die of old age.
Upon my death bed will I still wonder, why am I here? I hope to answer the question before then.

James Parker


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
26th Aug 2013 (#)

Everyone asks this question often, at least what could have been. It is not easy to switch jobs mid career and start all over again. I think most just try to be happy with what they land into but with occasional heart-burns! siva

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