Why are we taking so much stress?

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In today's world we have got this ever increasing problem of stress.more people are fatigued from stress than from their jobs or from their families. here's how you can lead a better life and kick out your stress...

Stress and perfection

Stress is just an emotion that we all feel. it is just like anger,happiness,sorrow. etc,etc. but what we forget is that an emotion must not remain forever because it can have its own implications. the reason why your grandma says : show your pearly whites is to induce good response from others. similiarly showing your fatigued face assures others that you are stressed and are not fit for challenges? is this the reason why your boss is stopping your promotion.

many a times, in our individual families we give a lot importance to perfection. I remember when i passed 10th with 10 CGPA students would look up to me for everything and i started feeling that i need to do better in all aspects but soon the feeling that something is not right started peeping in. this gave me too much stress because i felt i didn't own up to my title. slowly the achievement began to sink and my own realization came that what i was trying was for a perfection and nobody in this world is perfect. if you want you can even read : "The three piece suit ",for better clarity.

so rule 1# never try to be perfect.

preachers are not doers

In most cases a very suitable hindi "muhavara" fits aptly in this place : jo badal garajte hai woh baraste nahi. it simply means that those who preach or show may not be what they do. People will tell you various things. just do that and your career will become evergreen. do that and you will become the best student. At last it boils down to how much you believe in these people and do they really want you to be in a better position or are they just humbugging.

Many a times, when people's advice's don't work out we feel dejected and start procrastinating ourselves.This attitude leads to restlessness and that to stress.

stress has major repercussions starting from leading to family disputes to early depressions signs. it happened so with me that after passing out my 10th i started flunking studies seeming this is too simple, that is too simple and i didn't got marks. i scored something 80% in 11th and that made me weep.I realized that i hadn't worked hard enough and in 12th vowed to improve ( not perfect) and i am still doing so.This taught me the principle of stress management :

rule 2 # constructive criticism and not stress or procrastination will help you improve

finally, i advocate people to laugh more and share what they feel .Thank you!


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