Why blind dates aren't the way

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If we want to meet someone to share our life with, we should first of all have likes and interests to find someone on the same wavelength.

Why blind dates aren't the way

Long time ago, I used to hear a radio talk program to help me fall asleep. People called to talk about just anything, but more often than not, it was to talk about their love problems. Some of them complained of being way too lonely. They craved to meet someone.
The program was a sort of blind date. Someone called up to describe themselves and to say what person they'd like to meet. Done a presentation, the broadcaster would tell them to wait and see who was calling up interested.
If among all the callers, there was one interested in meeting such a person, the broadcaster would let them talk to each other over the telephone. And that was it. If they ever met and had a relationship nobody ever knew.
On an occasion, a guy called up with the same problem. The broadcaster welcomed him to describe himself and to explain his expectations so women called up interested.
This guy described himself in a very dull way. He said he was average. He worked in an office and he didn't like doing many things when he was off work. All about him was dull and of a grey colour.
For the first time in the history of such a program, this guy didn't get any call from a woman.
As I laid in bed, I thought who was going to be interested in someone who had no likes or interests worthwhile.


I've always said that we'll meet someone, depending on what we like and what we do in our everyday living.
If one doesn't like doing anything or if someone never goes out to partake in some social activities, one will never make friends and of among these friends find someone special.
Someone said to me once that going out to try to fish someone is the worst we can do.
If it's sex only what we want, then, we only have to put on our best clothes and go out to dance or to drink in bars and one will most probably find someone for the night, but if it's a special relationship that we want -two that are on more or less the same wavelength, it requires a different lifestyle.
If one likes country walks and climbing, one should join in a group of people to take part in outings.
If one likes culture, one should take part in all cultural activities to interact and to learn things from other people.
But above all we must have likes and dislikes and be interested in some things that spicy our daily living, but not do like that poor dull guy that called up to the radio program to try his luck and got no responses at all.

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Interesting post!

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