Why boarding schools aren't for early age children

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Only the elite parents will take their children into a boarding school, but for them, their children are mere tools to take over from them in the future.

Why boarding schools aren't for early age children

I can't remember well how old I was, but I do remember that I was very small and the other girls seemed to me as very old ones. I had no friends, because I was the youngest one and I was on my own most of the time. At night, when were already in bed, I wept craving for my mother and my sister.
I won't blame at her for having made such a decision, because my mother found herself with two young girls and no one to rely on. I guess, she took such a decision to put me in a nuns' boarding school to then find a place to live with my sister. However, after few months, I didn't settle in and my mother had to go to fetch me as the managing nun had recommended to her.
It's only on such situations when placing early age children in boarding schools would be acceptable, because they'll have, at least, a place to live, food and education while a parent tries to find a way for a better living together. Otherwise, I'd say that placing early age children in boarding schools is cruel, not minding for a child's needs. When parents take their children into boarding schools when they can be at home, it let us think that they just want to get rid of them.
A child needs a home. He or she needs to create a bond with their parents and other siblings if there are any. It may be a luxury boarding school with many facilities and gardens such as the one on photograph, but these boarding schools can't beat to a child's own home with its parents and siblings. Even if these boarding schools have attractive gardens and playgrounds, they can't beat to a child's natural environment such a school that will be nearby home or the streets of the area where they live.
Unless a parent finds in desperate situation such as my mother's, parents are obliged to raise and to educate their children at home till the age they are able to defend themselves. If they aren't ready for this and they feel that their children take too much time from them, they wouldn't have had them in the first place.
A child isn't like the doll we had when we were children that we took out to play with it for a while and we put away when we didn't want to play with it. A child is a living creature and it has its needs, but one of the most important ones is to be able to bond with its parents and siblings if any.

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