Why do we hurt people?

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This article is about when people end up hurting others, hurting the ones they hate, love, or maybe people they don't know! It lists 3 reasons a person may hurt someone else.


Some people start dating, and say that they would never hurt the person. However, later on in the relationship, they start fighting each other, or someone in that relationship beats the other person up time to time. Or maybe, they end up hurting each other physically, or mentally. (This is a true sign that this relationship is not healthy.) This is what we call, domestic abuse. The same case, but if it were to involve a family, it would also be called domestic abuse.This article will be all about the reasons why we hurt the people we love the most. The cases can go from a simple joke over to a family feud, but there are so many reasons why people hurt others, I can't exactly list every single one of them in this article. So, lets get on with it, shall we?

Pranks/Joking around

People usually joke around, and end up hurting or scaring them to the point where the victim would be angry. And when you get angry, you may do things your normal self wouldn't do. Some pranks can go wrong, and people may get revenge on them. This is usually done by pranking them back, and the other person gets revenge, and before you know it, it is a prank war. Usually, there are some times when the pranks doesn't do any harm, but the pranks can go really deep. When the pranks go wrong, it can lead to physical fights, or maybe a bunch of insults thrown at each other. Some like microwaving someone's phone that took months of work to get, or stealing their most valued possession and destroying it. That isn't funny. and that will get somebody angry.

Beliefs/Family Feuds

Feuds are one of the reasons a certain person may hate another for no definite reason. Also, that can go to people that believe in different religions, and decide to hurt each other people's beliefs. Which is really sad, because some people really don't know what an opinion is. When it comes to feuds, its usually when a certain family hates another for a certain reason, possibly in the past, and they try to best each other. Usually, it can be from a happy feud to a deadly feud where some of the members may attempt to send some of them in the hospital. I have never fought anybody for that, but I also do know that most gays don't people to know that they are gay, because people are absolutely rude to them. Also, don't even attempt to say your religion to a person that dislikes your religion with their life, because they may get a tantrum and do something they shouldn't do.

For their own enjoyment

Some people just like to beat up others for their own enjoyment. Schools are definitely one of those places you want to worry about someone hurting somebody else. Speaking of which, hurting someone for their own enjoyment (In a sexual case) (I believe that is their fetish, I guess?). Rape isn't really funny at all. The places where somebody can hurt another with ease is usually at a person's home, at a place where there isn't anybody around, or a place with very low security, jail, etc. Jail is definitely the worst place to be when you want to avoid violence, because there may be tons of prisoners, but they can bring chronic damage to your body before the guards can even stop the prisoners. If you are at a certain jail for the terrible criminals, I bet the guards would watch a person get pummeled to a coma.


There are many other reasons that people fight others. We may hurt the ones we love, the ones we hate, or maybe just a random stranger because we see fit. It is nearly impossible to stop people from hurting each other. And even if it was possible, they would try their best to commit at least some violence to someone else. Some people can get so angry, that they would punch someone in the face without thinking the consequences. There is is a term for that, and that is called "blinded by rage." Have you ever punched or hurt somebody for a certain reason? Did you regret it, or did you actually felt great that you actually hurt that person? One of the times I ended up hurting someone, I actually felt like they deserved it, but it was still wrong to hurt them. (But yet secretly, I still am glad I hit that person)


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author avatar Kingwell
15th Jun 2015 (#)

I enjoyed reading your article and you are very honest with your opinion. It is true that we should not hurt another but it's also true that we all do sometimes. I think most people come to understand things better as they get older but some don't seem to learn at all. Young people have always enjoyed playing pranks on their friends and classmates and it's okay as long as no one gets really upset. Also if a boy tries to pants a classmate, he shouldn't get upset if the same thing is done to him. For the young it's often a laugh but don't let such things go to the extreme. We all have feelings. Blessings.

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author avatar LivelyAurora
15th Jun 2015 (#)

That was really well said, Kingwell.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
16th Jun 2015 (#)

Good take. Yes, we all go through different forms of hurts. Some happen during our growing up years while couples change after their courtship, maybe revealing their true colors!

I believe each should never forget relationship is based on give and take, but not one giving and the other taking - also, never take for granted, forget the pluses - siva

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