Why does everyone want to be cool?

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This article are the three reasons on what certain people find "cool". And a bit of discussion on it.


I believe most of us know who Chuck Norris is. We believe that he is so boss that when you stare at the American Flag long enough, you will see his face pop up on it. (Of course, that is definitely an exaggeration.) The thing is that, some people want to be cool to the point where they would be remembered for centuries, and never be forgotten. So this article will be about why people want to be cool in the first place. Mostly, its by doing something that takes tons of guts to do, and pretty much looking good at it at the same time. So seeing someone that is on a glider, and half of their glider falls off, but they manage to land safely. I don't even know how you could even survive that! That's insane right there!

Doing amazing feats.

When you do something worthy of a achievement, that is one of the ways somebody can do to seem cool to themselves. Say you are in America, and then you start to wrestle with an eagle, which is apparently the symbol bird of USA. A .gif that I once saw on Imgur was with two females, one of them were doing karate, and they were definitely skilled! They were dodging someone throwing spear attacks at them, and manage to dodge the majority of them, yet died. (It seemed like a play, so they didn't really die. And this was also done in real life, not a movie.) I don't really believe I have did anything that was amazing like that, but the only thing I really have are my typing skills. (Even though no one finds that cool, I bet they can't find anyone else doing this quickly.)

Having tons of allies/Being tough

Sometimes, the most cool person in a group of people is the one that is the most mainstream. (I highly disagree about that, but apparently, having the best iPhone is "cool" by the people that I am surrounded by.) Or, just someone with good taste, such as having great clothing, etc etc. Also, people will think you are also cool if you have tons of followers. When you have tons of friends/allies, people wouldn't want to mess with you at all. That apparently means that gangs are a no-no for people that want or pick a fight with somebody. So therefore, people that love a certain cool celebrity is one of the "cool" people, while the ones who love Justin Bieber will be bullied like there is no tomorrow. Society can be weird, sometimes.

Have high rep

If you are one those people that are really awesome, such as borrowing 20$, then you give back 40$. Or maybe when someone was about to get shot, the other person would take the shot instead. (Which is highly unrealistic and stupid, because of how fast a bullet can travel, way before a person could even jump.) So technically, a person with high rep is a bit similar to a person with tons of friends and allies. And lastly, if you have a certain type of talent everyone loves. If you can randomly breathe out fire, everyone would more than likely like you, depending on how you use it. Maybe you have two black belts in karate, which people would admire you for your skills. (I doubt that person would have had an legit black belt.)


There is one thing, where each person's "cool" is different from another person. Therefore, one person might think something else is awesome, while I may think the opposite is actually cool. Oh, and a random reminder is that smoking/tobacco/alcohol isn't any cool either. But yet, I don't really focus on being cool at all, because I really do find it a waste of time to be admired by someone over what I could easily do. However, who really cares about what is cool and what isn't? As long as you aren't acting retarded or anything like that.


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