Why does the world hate Jews?

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Every minute of every day, for no reason at all, Jews are grabbed on the street, skinned alive and put in pots to be made into delicious jewstews. Some are turned into lamp shades, some into dog food, and some are run over by some kind of vehicles. Jewpulp making vans they're called. Gentiles are all extremist Nazis and like to tear the faces off of Jews with their monstrous teeth and split tongues.

Well actually none of this happens. So why do Jews believe they are hated?

"Far and Wide" by Douglas Reed

I love to read a book for 10 minutes or so every morning while taking my bath. The latest book I finished was "Far And Wide" by Douglas Reed.

I can't recall right now precisely, but from what I remember Douglas Reed was a reporter or a journalist or something for years, until he could not take it anymore how the press was ever more manipulated to conform to the agendas of the powers that be.

The part I enjoyed most about this book is probably the first part about how he journeyed America, right around and before 1950.

The unseen hand that controls the world from behind the scenes

After 266 pages describing his travels all the way through America from the South and up, and having quite a lot to say about nasty New York with its horrible atmosphere of hurry, hurry, hurry, he finally gets to PART TWO: BEHIND THE SCENES.

This part describes the influences that were shaping America during the late 1800, right up to 1950 (when he wrote this book; however the same powers mentioned would still be influencing and have all but destroyed American Society at the present writing).

The powers described are ones that developed hand in hand in Russia (East European): Soviet Communism and Political Zionism.

Reed doesn't much go into the stated surface ideals of Communism; instead he deals only with what the implementation of Communism has meant in practice: Invasion, penetration, treason, terrorist acts, lots of killing, killing whomever is a reconsciler and a peace maker, lies, propaganda, more lies, misuse of the media to spread propaganda and create a reality that pits people against each other, and the list goes on.

Hand in hand with Communism, from the same area came Zionism.


The ideals of Zionism states that it is a truly Jewish movement to create a Jewish State (Israel) in Palestine, that is among other things dedicated to maintaining a Jewish identity for Jews and stop them from assimilating with other nations.

However, our author in question dealt with up close and personally reporting the news at the time of both the first and second World War, and he saw things in a more no-nonsense, practical light.

Soviet Communists completely infiltrated and permeated the American Government, and Zionists abused Western Powers, first England during the planned and executed World War 1, and then America during plan two or World War 2, to force into existence what is now the land of Israel. The fact that Palestine was already inhabited by Arabs at the time, seems to have simply been a trivial matter they thought they would simply steamroll over and steal their land, a fact that is still cause of much conflict and controversy in Israel today.

Chaim Weizmann

In the matter of bringing Israel into existence, a man called Dr. Chaim Weizmann should be mentioned.

According to Reed's research using books Dr. Weizman himself wrote, Dr. Weizman grew up in a world that was NOT hostile to Jews.

But something Dr. Weizmann hates even more than Gentiles (non-Jews), are Jews who have "assimilated" with other nations, or in other words, Jews that DON'T have that feeling of "the country where I live is only my country of exile; I'm really a Jew".

So to make a long story short, Dr. Weizmann met a few powerful people, the story in detail told in this book, until finally he got to use and abuse through blackmail and bribery President Roosevelt to do all he demanded, having made Roosevelt believe that Weizmann's ambitions of Zionism are what ALL Jews the world over desire. In reality of course you would find very strong opposition to Zionism from many Jews.

Roosevelt, after getting a bit doubty after the Second World War about the whole Zionist agenda, died immediately (was killed?).

The two World Wars iwere cleverly disguised to deceive the nations as to the reasons they were started, and by the end of each war, the real reason behind them was evident: After the first, suddenly it's clear that it has helped set up a Jewish Homeland in Palestine, and after the Second, all is set up for Israel, the Jewish State, all finished and complete in 1948.

Filling her up with Jews

Now that the Jewish State Israel was there, how to get Jews to stream to it?

Most Jews were happy just where they were. But Zionists had just the plan in place: Use and abuse the media to create very strong impressions that the entire world is "anti-Semitic", and that the only place Jews would be safe would be if they supported the existence of Israel and if they moved there.

You would henceforth find scary claims that, according to Mr. Reed, are beyond ridiculous, among them the one that is common even today: "Six million Jews were killed by gentiles / Hitler during World War 2!!!!!!!!!"

Reed, using Jewish publications of numbers of Jews and explanations and analysis as only an informed reporter and journalist can, proves this is a blatant lie: Six million Jews were never even contained in German-occupied territories.

According to his research, the "six million" figure is one that would not bear any scrutiny by independent investigators. It is simply propaganda. Even though it was used as a main accusation at the Nuremberg trials, the six million jews dying thing is nothing short of a misrepresentation to a purpose, says Reed.

However, the Zionist controlled media likes to use this "fact" of the "six million" Jews as a scare tactic so that Jews would think they are almost exterminated and need a place for themselves, Israel, to protect their heritage.

Is it likely that if Hitler's genealogy was deeply researched, it would come to light that he was actually planted in order to help the agenda of scaring Jews silly so they would embrace a "solution" of a Jewish homeland? Just a thought, but some sources do claim Hitler was funded by the same financiers that funded his opposition in the war, so....

A Hebrew writer in Jerusalem wrote shortly after Israel was founded on what is necessary to 'propagandize' Jews into leaving the countries of their nationalities and fleeing over to Israel, whether physically or in the mind alike:

"Upon us, Zionists, now lies the old responsibility of constantly raising the hair (making the flesh creep) of the Jewish people, not to let them rest; to keep them for ever on the edge of a precipice and make them aware of dangers facing them."

"Teaching" through entertainment

Reed told in his book how in the first part of the previous century, almost overnight the theater where actual actors played out plays of many types, a form of entertainment that was found all over America before, even in smaller towns, was done away with in favor of a movie theater, like we have today.

This way, Hollywood, very much run by Zionists, have all the control over how life is painted to the audience.

By forming big conglomerates that swallowed all independent platforms of expression, all newspapers and other forms of news media became echoes of a few, centralized opinion sources that spread Zionist sentiments and agendas.

One such agenda would be to continuously depict hatred and discrimination towards Jews, for example by bringing Hitler back to life on screen. This both scares Jews and create the illusion in their minds that they need a safe haven like Israel, and it drums up guilt in the gentile's mind so they don't oppose Israel, or object that large amounts of their tax money are flowing freely to Israel for "restitution".

You probably don't need to be reminded in how many movies even to this day, German Nazi's are recreated and brought back to life on screen as absolute monsters who will kill Jews for sport, and who "deserve" to be killed by some sick sadist "hero" usually depicted by Brad Pitt or the like. It is also a favorite subject of video games.

Reed also mentioned how other media, including literature, became banned and censored whichever way Zionism dictates.

The media is a very important tool to these Zionists / Communists, because it is the absolute shaper of people's world view.

Unseen puppet masters

Reed shows in his book how Zionists/Communists work: They never feature themselves.

Instead they operate secretly, moving other people and nations and circumstances and the media view around like chess pieces, in order to further an agenda.

That is one of their features: Always the manipulator, the puppet master, never the open player.

This way they are never blamed for anything, because nobody sees them; they just see the puppet committing the crime. Even if the puppet is killed, people rejoice but they're only fools for nothing has changed.

More bodies of Political Zionism that Reed found disgusting, that helped take over the world

Some more bodies came into being as instruments of Political Zionism, under which counts the United Nations in New York. Where Zionism claims to represent "World Jewry", the "United Nations" claims to represent "The World", but they are, in fact, a business that serves its own selfish purposes, and the people behind it, running it, are of course Political Zionists ("Jews"). Their deeds are referred to by Mr. Reed with disgust and contempt.

By 1950, Mr. Reed's world is completely and totally in the grasp of Political Zionism, a kind of something else with a rather unspeakable method, cloaked in Jewish clothing.

So what's the point of such evil?

What was the goal of Zionism and its infiltration of the media, business, politics, government and all else, and the destruction of Christian nations and societies?

According to Mr. Reed, simply this:

To have a Zionist State, in the centre of the world, ruling the entire world as a One World Government.


Douglas Reed's "Far and Wide" is a very gripping book. Might even be upsetting to some. It does give you a very eye-opening education though.

It will make you wonder where you stand with Israel. Maybe you've been to Israel and liked it there. Maybe you will now feel Israel has a far too costly price tag that the entire world is paying for, and is currenly only surviving because America and its money and its white Christian soldiers are its expendable bitch doing its dirty work for it.

Maybe you will see how these forces are manipulating you to this day, and you'd like to get free from them but can't. Maybe you can't live with the deceptive way a "one world government" is being set up.

Well I suppose it's best to be ruled by something, than by something else. Whatever else might slide into its place if you were to remove the current rulers. People who want to rule are evil by nature anyway, because to rule you must have the urge to own people and their belongings. Why do you want to own people? Because you want to parasite off of them, that's the only reason.

And that, dear reader, shall be the lesson for today: You are a host for countless parasites. Sweet dreams!


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