Why is romance urgently felt within the self?

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Romantic feelings are heart-felt not to be understood by any other means. Romance can be enjoyed if the mind is full of emotions. A depressed mind can not enjoy the feelings of romance,rather a romantic mind can easily erase depressions from the mind.

What is romance?

Romance is a feeling not expressed in words. It is expressed in love.When a man loves a woman or vice versa , a sense of fondness develops with each other. Romantic feelings grow within themselves. Gradually the depth of love increases and a sense of soft feelings towards the object of love grows .In our daily life we come across such romantic feeling when we see a nice looking object, a sense of romance develops within self . We can not ignore such feelings of romance. Man or woman can not survive without romance. A romantic mind can compose a good song,can sing the songs of love,can write beautiful poems, can create any thing in the form of whatever he or she likes.A romantic mind can generate fine artistic feelings, A romantic mind can repose faith in God. A romantic mind may have romantic feeling on every action and thoughts. He or she enlightened the mind accordingly.When love grows between the two ,they become inter-dependent upon each other. Their expressions are spontaneous . They exchange their love through greetings and words.They try to understand each other through their expressions and deep love.They maintain their romantic feelings through out their day and night.A romantic poet can write poems which are not easily forgettable. Spontaneous feelings for romance are noteworthy. A romantic feelings can soften the mind,cruelty may be vanished from the core of the heart. Romance can enthuse the mind with high spirits.

How the romance influences the mind ?

Romantic feelings influence the body and mind. Whenever the romantic feelings set in, hormonal changes take place in the body.A romantic poet can write beautiful poems which are not easily forgettable. Romantic persons are very much fond of nature , they are fond of loving fishes in the aquarium, loving birds in the forests, wild animals in the forests etc. The romantic persons can identify with the nature and can enjoy the beauties of the nature .They can find pleasure with the flowers early In the garden in the morning. It's a pleasure on the part of the beholder to watch the sweet flowers in the garden. Those who are romantic are very much energetic. they can enjoy their life to the fullest bloom. They can drive away their depression from the mind..They can lead a full normal life if the romance blossoms in the hearts of the persons.

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