Why is study of history so important to studies?

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Without knowing its history man can not decide its own course of his destiny.The civilisation of the yesteryears can not proceed in the right direction.Man can not create his own history unless he knows the details of his past deeds and events.So we cannot neglect the historical events of mankind like the political history,the social history and the economic history etc.

What is History?

History is a series of chronological events of a particular race of a country right from the ancient days to modern days.Each and every period of history lays down its moral lesson. Ancient people have set up their own race .Through their fights and wars they have established their kingdoms and empires. Though they are primitive in nature, they have taught how to survive in spite of natural calamities, worst situation of the environment..Similarly in the medieval period of history,the people have set up their own kingdom led by the kings and queens of their races.Those who are mighty win over the vanquished races,These races are subjugated to them.The intelligent races win over through their constant fights and wars,in this period the kingdoms have taken a shape to rule their own country. They have tried their level best to capture the others' country. The civil wars of the country have taken a center stage in the history of mankind.In modern history the first world war and the second world war have radically changed the boundaries of the countries.The modern history of the country have drastically the thoughts of the people and the country heads.

Why is so important to studies?

History is its storehouse of wisdom inngrained in its annals,In ancient and medieval. period the history of the people is not so much pronounced. Role of kings and queens play all major role in the then society. They were tyrants and despotic and few ot them were benevolent and subject loving.The very importance of history depends on how it is written and how we study it.is the more we study history, the less we gather knowledge about the history of the people..The unbiased facts reveal the course of history in proper shape and we may come to the right conclusions.But really history is the story of creation through the ages.And creation means all men,great and small,as wellas everything else that concerns them-their arts and literature,manners and customs In brief it is the story of civilisation.
Modern histories are written on this ideal. They touch not only the achievements of great men. but also portray pictures of common life and the state of things in the counties concerned.They further indicate how and why nations rise and fall,and how the lives of the individual of a nation are bound up with one another in weal and woe.These act as moral of History to inspire and guide all mankind.


We should remain careful about studying History to derive its benefits, Only the impartial and unbiased facts of History may lead up to correct evaluation of the characters enshrined in its pages.We should study every book with great care and free mind so that we may reach a definite and concrete inference provided if we try to go deep into the lessons of the facts narrated in it with unbiased and open mind. We should not condemn a thing outright simply because its facts and interpretations against our cherished ideas.Moreover we should not confine our studies to a single author's book ,rather the books of eminent authors should be studied to reach a final conclusions.So the history shapes our lives, our thinking pattern and look forward to the future of mankind. Without studying history one can not prosper in life individually and nationally.

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Interesting write, I think history is prone to repeat it self. Thanks for the share.

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Thanks for nice comment

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