Why recycling is a fraud

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What can we do to put into practice the other ignored R´s of the three popular ones? Here are some suggestions that could help.

Why recycling is a fraud

I´m one of those that separate waste from organic rubbish, although, I do not have a lot of waste, because I do always shop for fresh food at the greengrocer´s and the butcher´s and I always carry my own bag. Yet, I still have some waste to discard in the corresponding containers, but way too often I feel like a fool when I´m throwing every item in its corresponding container.
I once asked a man, who was doing the same job next to me, if this was worth doing and he said that it wasn´t really worth it, but it made us feel well. True. Discarding waste in the corresponding containers may us feel well, but what else?
Councils will launch costly campaigns as regards waste and they will provide with containers and all sort of propaganda on the issue, but councils or any other institution don´t manage all the waste, but this is left to private companies of whom we know nothing. Do we really know what they do with all the waste they collect and how they profit? I´ve always wondered about it.
They tell us that we have to recycle, but they leave it at this. They seem to forget that of the three popular R´s, there´re two of them that everybody seems to ignore -reduce and reuse.
In my view, the most important thing isn´t filling the containers with loads of waste for recycling, but not having a lot of waste.
In the first place, we´ll take our own bag to do our weekly shopping. If one shops at supermarkets, one will have already noticed that supermarket management wrap their food unecessarily. Who needs tomatoes or any other vegetable wrapped in plastic or on trays? If one shops in a greengrocer´s or a burcher´s, the most one will get is a sheet of paper to wrap it up and if one goes to the greengrocer´s, one can even avoid these sheets of paper.
My suggestion would be to refuse to take home all this extra waste. After we´ve paid up, we´ll start unwrapping everything that can be unwrapped and we´ll place it in our shopping bag. Supermarket management may not like this, but after we´ve paid up, they can´t oblige us to take such amount of waste home.
When many shopper do this, supermarket management will cease on such uncessary practice.
The same applies when shopping other items such as clothes, shoes, books or electric ware. Can´t one unwrap it and place what one really wants in a shopping bag of its own?
Instead of recycling, we should think more on how to reduce and reuse waste.

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author avatar Retired
29th May 2015 (#)

I don't see how you have proved that recycling is a fraud. The fact that waste is handled by private companies does not say anything about this, one way or the other.

One thing we can be sure about is that organic waste recycling is extremely valuable, as it produces thousands of tons of compost that is used on farms or sold back back to the public for use in gardens. Keeping this material out of landfill also reduces the production of methane gas, which is many times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.

I cannot say that there is not a degree of "fraud" in recycling, but that is not the same as saying that none of it is worthwhile.

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author avatar vickylass
31st May 2015 (#)

If I say it's a fraud, it is because on one hand institutions are pestering us with campaigns on the issue, but none of them will stop what makes an excess of waste. All of you know what I mean. Waste is managed by private companies, but do we really know who they are and how they manage all the waste they collect?

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author avatar peachpurple
15th Jul 2015 (#)

I think supermarket shouldn't pack the fresh food, we select them and place into our shopping bag would be better, use less plastic bags

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author avatar Retired
15th Jul 2015 (#)

Peachpurple, That idea could cause difficulties. Some supermarkets do sell "loose" fruit and veg, but you have to place them in a plastic bag because that it makes it possible for them to be viewed and priced at the checkout.

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author avatar vickylass
16th Jul 2015 (#)

However peachpurple is dead right. Supermarkets wrap their items far too much with unecessary papers and trays. This is extra waste that we add up in our bins. Surely, there´s more sustainable way. There was one when supermarkets had fruit and vegetable sellers that wighed everything and stuck the price on it for the cashier to know what it was and how much it was. There´re still some good supermarkets that do it. Fish or meat will just wrap with a paper as well as fruit a vegetables. thus avoiding to take home an awful lot of waste.

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