Why some websites fail us

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As well as writing for different websites, a serious and devoted writer should try other markets out of the Internet.

Why some websites fail us

I started to write online four years ago. At first, it sounded quite a dream to earn money doing what I love doing best, that is, writing feature articles.
What has happened since that day when I submitted my first article?
It took me ages to get earnings from Triond via Paypal, but although, they weren't plentiful, I was quite contented. One had to have many views to get few cents for a piece. However, what I always appreciate from them was that no matter how much one's achieved to earn on a given month, one's earnings were on one's Paypal account on the 10th of each month. Quite honest from them, I'd say. When I started writing for them, I read many good opinions about this site from other fellow writers. On these days, I'm still having an account with them, although, I haven't submitted a piece for ages. When I try to log on them, it takes ages to show up and it's quite clear that this excellent site once isn't anymore. It's failing, but it doesn't show they intend to fix its wrongs.
I worked for Expertscolumn where I got some earnings paid on time until they announced that they weren't to pay because of lack of traffic on their site. Therefore, I quit. Writing is quite a hard job to do it for free.
I also registered with www.bublews.com where I was cheated on my first 35 dollars earned. I never saw them in my Paypal account and they blocked my account without previous notice.
After such a long experience on online writing, I've decided to resume my writing in other markets out of the Internet. It doesn't mean that I've left the sites I'm registered on, but I've decided to devote less time on online writing and a bit more for other markets such as magazines, weeklies or journals as well as partaking in competitions of my likes.
Since the Internet exists, millions of sites have been created and these sites need material to fill them in, particularly these that deal with publicity. If they didn't publish articles on whatever the topic, nobody would like to open a site with adverts. That's why they invite everyone to write articles on accounts of being paid, because in many of these sites, they know that no bestselling author or qualified journalist are going to write for a pittance.
In the outside markets, it's a lot more difficult to get something published, because magazines or newspapers have their guidelines and requirements on certain topics or profiles, but if one researches well and gets a story or a feature article published, the earnings can't be compared with the pittance anyone of us earn online and once agreed and published, a check will follow.
If one loves writing to extend of wishing to live on it if only modestly, one should work for different markets whether it's online or out of it and if one's good and serious at it, one's ship will dock at one's port any day. It's what I think.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
28th Oct 2014 (#)

I have been published in professional journals and have never been paid, neither did I expect payment at the time because the intent was to be seen, but when I approached other similar journals and asked whether they accepted submissions they told me that they did but would not pay, so I declined to write and sometimes wondered if it was the right choice.

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author avatar viewgreen
28th Oct 2014 (#)

Very informative article. I guess some of herein have been ever fall into fail websites. Thank you.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
29th Oct 2014 (#)

Awesome post and interesting piece as well!

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author avatar Retired
29th Oct 2014 (#)

I loved the information here. I too had been writing with Triond but there seems to be so much trouble with their site that I stopped submitting posts there and hardly ever even sign in anymore.

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