Why to wait for a date to show one's love?

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We don't have to wait for shops, restaurants or spas to remind us that we ought to break routine and to care for our other half.

Why to wait for a date to show love to someone?

We are a couple of weeks away from a new Valentine's Day and shops are already displaying hearts in all forms and shapes, cards galore, roses and the sweetest and... tacky decorations one can see. It'll be a time for hotels, restaurants, travel agents and bars to make more business after the Christmas season.
Is anyone looking forward to such a day? Will anyone be crossed if one's other half forgets on such a date not bringing a big box of chocolates, a bunch of roses or still better hasn't booked a couple of days in a trendy spa?
If you are a girly female that are going to get in a mood, because your other half has forgotten on such a day, let me say you're behaving like a spoiled child.
There can't be much love when one or the other can only have from the other half a box of chocolates, a new CD or a bunch of flowers once a year and just because here are shops to remind us.
What about the rest of the year?
I once read that love isn't much looking at each other, but looking at the same direction. Caring for what the other half does or has in mind. Say one's partner wishes to have a go with a life time project. If it's an important one, it may be difficult to achieve and the road won't be clear to reach to the main goal and this person will need encouragement and support. If we love them truly, we should be able to give all our support and to be interested in it as the struggle goes on.
It's said that routine is a killer for love, but we don't have to wait for Valentine's Day to break routine. In fact, we shouldn't wait. Any day and any month should be just as good and necessary to break routine.
Fair enough if any of you have already booked a table for two in a good restaurant or in a holiday resort, but think of the many days ahead after Valentine's Day has ended.
However, have a good one if any of you are to celebrate with the other half!

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