Why we should serve humanity

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An answer to a very pertinent question, a question that must twist every heart.

Twist your heart

A part of my thinking that is put in to cure the ailments of this morbid society, fills the inside of me with a perfect World, a marvel that lends me a righteous voice. The rest part of it, as far as I know, is the reason for my own morbidity. This morbidity sends us into an unending search for our liberation and own expressions, throwing us into oblivion, away from the kingdom we need to build. This is the kingdom where the pillars of enrichment are built and established for eternity rather than seeking for them. The pillars of freedom, pillars of bliss, pillars of intellect and pillars of nurturance can be built only through the service of humanity.

The idea of serving humanity is coherent with an idea of being the architects of mankind realizing the sheer pleasure of an architect, the same pleasure that God must have felt when he created the instruments for human existence. Through human service we can create instruments for human liberation. This is the slice of difference between us and God, this is the only difference and we can realize it by serving what God has served to us.

The idea of serving humanity takes us beyond the individual centric regularity of pleasure and pain, give and take that we cater ourselves to in the cluster of units that we call family, friends, and community. The entirety that this idea of human service withholds, make the diseases and miseries tangible. It becomes more about the sufferings rather than the person. It takes us towards unselfishness as sufferings cannot return favours. Our want of freedom for ourselves is substituted by our want to construct freedom for fellow beings and this is the lesson we learn to build a just kingdom inside ourselves. This state of mind must be savoured.

Serving humanity is not just our encounter with discomforts and scathing wound but an interaction of our prosperity of wealth, riches of health and abundance of intellect with the multidimensional misery of the miserable. Through our interaction and attachment only we can bring about a behavioral change that can combat with each dimension of being a poor. The huge no of public toilets built in villages will remain unused, the schools built will remain unattended until we share our prosperous state of mind with the miserable to mend their way of life. Through our service only we can shift their focus from mere shadows to substance, from schools to education, from toilets to sanitation.

All we need to do is, start from the debris and rise above confinements, identifying with each person we come across. This identification has always been the Cornerstone at each step of Human Civilization. It created a mutual respect and lovable bonding among our ancestors and drove them towards their dream of a better World.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
26th Apr 2015 (#)

Thank you for sharing your article.

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author avatar Socrates
27th Apr 2015 (#)

Thanks for giving your time for the article.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
11th Jul 2015 (#)

Thanks Ashutosh for this thought provoking article.

There is a change happening with many young getting disillusioned with wealth creation as a goal to enrich the already wealthy.

I feel there is no meaning in being very wealthy in a poor country; it is a blot on our collective conscience - siva

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