Why writing could be your ultimate form of expression?

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People write as a means of expression, a form of release, a way to escape boredom, or simply just for the love of writing. Whatever is the reason, we always get fulfillment in reaching across minds, sharing experiences and making a difference to lives we touch.

Why do I write?

People write for so many reasons. I do write out of compulsion, simply something that came up in my mind and the words just came out in a frenzy that I need to grab a pen and put this into paper before these thoughts escape me. It happens all the time, when I ignore this and happens to collect it after some time the words just seem out of context and with frustration I would give up collecting these thoughts because somehow it would not be the same as it occurred previously. Even with the coming of age of technology, I felt compelled to use my pen instead of the PC or the laptop which has become a poor substitute. Maybe I am an old-fashioned writer where I find most comfort in my old scrawly-brawny pen.

At a young age, I would write poems, memoirs and kept a journal until I was twenty-one. I would write anything that pops up in my mind from childish antics to how I see life in my own perspective. I could feel the passion of capturing every word so as not to lose its meaning. Anything that inspires or frustrates me could be a reason for writing. The rush of words is simply too much to ignore. Even when busy at work, a simple subject would come up and I would end up frustrated because I don’t have the time to jot it down. I simply killed this passion and it fizzled out eventually with the coming of the years, perhaps too busy with the demands of life not to take notice of it.

At a certain crossroad in my life where confusion envelopes my personality, my pen has become a trusted companion. Like a true valiant soldier it stands proud and mighty under my hand. A huge contender for attention it devours every little words that came out of my mind. With strong conviction, my pen is a like a slave-driver that guides my hand to form words into ideas. Ideas that reflect on things that matters most to people I interact with or care about. In the deep recess of my brain, I realize that writing has never left me at all throughout the time. It has been there all the while for me to take notice. Rediscovering the passion for writing has been the ultimate reunion of mind and body that I should ever be grateful of.

At a time when I began to question certain things or imagine how things could have been if it’s like this or that, I find out that I can never be the way I am now without considering where I’d been. What I have gone through is a process of growth and magnifies a picture of who I am now, simply put, these are the ingredients that shaped my total personality and made me a better, stronger, and wiser person. Acceptance that I cannot change certain things and realization that there are things that are beyond control are the most humbling experience one can have. I am not invincible to make such a humongous effort to change the way things are in the whole wide world but with my old reliable pen I can do as much as to change the world I live in. Writing has been the most liberating and enriching form of expression I can possibly have, the most substantial weapon against devastation, taunt and mockery.


Writing As A Means Of Expression

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Wikinut rocks! Got my first article published and it's awesome. I'm encouraged to write some more...Thanks wikinut for the chance!

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