Why you should travel with your partner before marriage

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Sharing some reasons on why you should travel with your partner before marriage to get to know them better.

Why you should travel with your partner before marriage

Many people say the best way to know your partner is to live together, but traveling together would be the ultimate test. Why?

Traveling to a total new environment will allow to see how your partner adapt. A new environment also means unexpected situation, it is good to be able to see how your partner handles unexpected situation. In life, there will be many unexpected situation and you would want to be with someone who is able to handle them well.

Right from the start, you will be able to see how your partner plans the trip, from getting air tickets and accommodation to the full itinerary of the trip. Is your partner a planner or a follower? Are you able to compromise with their suggestions as a big part of marriage consist of compromising? Are both of you on the page when it comes to the budget of the trip?

During the trip, you can observe each other exploration pace, are you on par with each other? Do both of you feel that the exploration pace is comfortable? At the same time, you can also discover common interests like sightseeing or shopping, etc. This is an important factor to consider before you make the ultimate commitment.

In a trip, there is always tend to be delays, be it at the airport, transportation during the trip, etc. It is a way to test and notice their patience when delays occurred. In situation like these, you can also see how they approach the problem. Are they proactive enough to step up and approach the problem?

Of course, making memories together. A trip makes or break a couple, well, not in all cases, but it does affect in a way or another. Are you able to make happy memories? If you are traveling with the right partner, you would definitely be enjoying your time. Bonus point would be having more incredible photos added to your wedding montage video.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
21st Sep 2015 (#)

You know, in this modern western society, all of you believe in fucking it before you marry. Trial of good before you buy. Sadly not all of you keep the goods that you try out and as a result make men and women commodities of the sex trade in the name of love rather then for love.
I am a one person girl. Married one and adjusted to his life until he left me for another despite still being married. Just One ALL THE WAY TILL DATE and living apart for 5 years.

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