Why young people dont want to work

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A reflective piece on why young people are finding it hard to motivate themselves to go out and work, and the pitfalls that they have to avoid in todays society.

Why would I want to work?

When I was at school I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand I was a clever pupil who was being urged to stay at school, finish my exams and go to university. My other option was to leave school, providing I got a job straight away. So there I was, I hated school and wanted to leave, but I didn't have a clue what job I was going to do.

I decided to stay on at school even though my goals were aimless. University did not appeal to me as ideally you need to have a career in mind, which I did not. In the end I got the worst of both worlds- another two years at school and a further two years of unemployment when I left.

Of course this probably sounds like the just deserts of a boy who had no goals, no desire career-wise and was too lazy to do anything. However, I put it to you that in this day and age this is a common problem facing many teenagers. These days they have so many distractions, some merely catching their eyes, the majority however, aimed blatantly towards them. Advertising, pop stars, film stars, football players and WAG's and the whole celebrity culture. As well as peer pressure to smoke, drink, take drugs and have sex. To an adult, these are the trivial elements of life that must be either avoided or dealt with, but for an impressionable teenager, these are the things that could shape their lives for years to come.

Although, even when I was experiencing my mid-mid-life crisis, I noticed that other people my own age seemed to have everything all figured out. Whether they wanted to join the navy, the police force, or become an engineer or politician, they seemed to have a plan. This might have inspired me but instead it furthered my frustrations. Were these people really choosing their own paths? I'm sure some of them were, but for others it seemed to me, their choices were made for them; directly or indirectly, be it by an obsessive parent, enthusiastic teacher, or by the pressure to look good in the current social climate with a job of importance. With no thought of long term job satisfaction. Either way I realised that some of my friends were just as blind as me, only they didn't realise it.

So what's to be done for people like myself who don't want money if it means working a detestable job? Or for those people not yet ready to blindly commit themselves to one of society's all judging ladders? The answer, unfortunately, is unemployment.

The problem is there are very few jobs out there where one can lie in the comfort of their own bed and get paid. Only two come to mind: a drug dealer and a writer!

The thorn in the side of young people nowadays is that there are so many options available to them. Add to that the severe lack of morals and what are now old-fashioned family values, as well as a dying work ethic, and the light at the end of the tunnel must seem far far away. Just the other day a friend told me that if he didn't find a job soon he was just going to join the army. This is the mind set of teenagers who have no idea where they are going: casually making life changing decisions out of boredom.

Having spoken to friends who are in their forties and fifties, I wonder if maybe they had it easier? I know that there will be middle aged people reading this laughing their heads off, but look at it this way- back then there was no time for lounging around the house while the rest of the family worked. You had little or no choice, work, or be kicked out the house. I would never truthfully say that older generations did have it easier, but what they did learn quickly was discipline and work ethic. The truth is that nowadays teenagers have got it far to easy, they are not being pushed to make something of themselves, and have the safety blanket of government benefits.

In conclusion, it is clear that there are a multitude of reasons as to why young people nowadays don't want to work- no education; no motivation and the fact that due to celebrity culture, there is nothing that seems worth doing, if it means years of study or hard work. People want the quick fix. But while we struggle to wade through the sea of options available to us, and try to dodge the the ever present trap doors of drugs and alcohol, it is clear that the only way to succeed is the same as always. Hard work. So for youngsters out there who don't know what to do, go out and dip your toes, find out what interests you, your likes and dislikes and what your good at. And if your lucky enough to discover your passion, put in the hard work that is needed and you will be one of the people who know where they are going in life.


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Currently studying journalism at UWS in Hamilton, Scotland. I like to write about almost anything, but my main interest is in film and id love to write for a movie magazine one day.

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author avatar satan fury
2nd Jul 2010 (#)

Excellent message in this article. Congratulations! on the beginning of your Journalism career. I am a graduate of Florida International University, School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

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author avatar Greg Thomson
2nd Jul 2010 (#)

Thanks alot! It's a subject I am passionate about. My course starts in two months, can't wait!

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author avatar Rohit19
3rd Jul 2010 (#)

There are so many people who have to go such trying times through there childhood for no apparent fault of theirs. However, life demands they overcome all the problems and emerge victorious. So, there are many out there that could benefit from this piece.

Thanks for the article!
I am following you hope you will follow me too.

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author avatar smoothoperator
21st Jul 2010 (#)

Successfully brought out the key issues in your article. Good job.

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author avatar LOVERME
18th Oct 2010 (#)

rich dad
so why work
just enjoy
be a good boy
and dad will say
nice boy
till u bring in another boy
gf mayn't follow

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author avatar TheMovieScene
23rd Oct 2010 (#)

You make an interesting point about family values and work ethic. I started working at 13 doing a paper round and helping out in my parent’s shop of a weekend and so when I left school towards the end of the 80s it was natural for me to go and find a job. Now days you don’t see so many teenagers doing these sorts of jobs and so don’t have that work ethic in place for when they leave the education system.

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