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In this article I review Wikinut - showing some of it's advantages and disadvantages and then giving it an overall review.


There's various reasons to why I enjoy it as much as I do here, at Wikinut.
There's obviously advantages and disadvantages to other Paid to Write websites, one of the downsides are the page views. I just checked up on Wikinut and it receives about 10,000 Unique page views per day and about 1/5 ( Possibly more ) of that are from the article writers them self's, thus, a low payment per article - but it depends on the tags and keywords you use in an article, how high in quality your article might be and other such things.


One advantage is a personal one - the payments are made and calculated in Sterling Pounds, and of course, because I am from the United Kingdom it is easier at it equals to how much I'd earn on other websites which are cents.
The UI ( User Interface ) is easy to use and follow and I have yet to experience any issues with it.
The nutpoints are also a pretty cool feature. Nutpoints resemble your standing in the Wikinut community - pretty cool I though.
There are more advantages, but it's mostly about personal preference.


The section I least enjoy doing - Disadvantages.
The only disadvantage I can think of is the amount you are paid per article. I had about 20 views and only received around £0.001 but I don't mind - I hadn't included keywords or key tags in my articles therefore the low payment and views.
The second disadvantage, which is in addition to the one above, is the daily page views which I discussed in the first section. Though it's not a huge problem as 10,000 unique views is still great and can generate a large income for those who get a majority of those views.

Overall Thoughts

Overall - I find Wikinut to be a great Paid 2 Article / Write websites but lacks in some areas. It's payments can lack sometimes but can be quite high at others.
I enjoy it here at Wikinut and have no intention of leaving - it's one of the better Paid 2 Article websites I have been on and it will improve over the coming months and years.

Additional Information + Sources

AI - I'm not too experienced in creating reviews nor articles but I gave it a shot and it seems to have came out well.

Sources -


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author avatar Funom Makama
14th Apr 2012 (#)

Great share... Most of us are simply passionate writers and we just write for fun, or to educate or to communicate or to simply express our passion and to me, I see wikinut as the perfect place to showcase all the afore-mentioned reasons...

Hopefully with time, their payment will be better, but for now, just write because u have the passion to do so and ensure you enjoy doing it as well.

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author avatar Solice12
14th Apr 2012 (#)

I always do - I never create an article unless I have a passion for what I may be talking about :)

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