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Wikinut??let's try it-that was all in my mind the very first day.Some expectations but uncertain.And then with excitement and wonder i clicked the button..."join now".

I am a Wikinutter!!!

How it began??

Well.........I wanted to do something to engage myself in my past time.I saw advertisements that promised to pay me for my sevices.I searched day and night to figure out the good and the bad.Then i found the website of wikinut.i wondered if i had to invest.But i was so happy with the scheme that i joined it.
Next i had to write and i loved to express my thoughts.I wrote one page and waited. A message came that it had been published.That made my spirits rise.I was so happy.I wrote more pages ang got them published.It was such a great moment for me.People all over the world were reading my articles.I am a proffesional writer now.My poems got a place to get encouraged me so much.nullpoints increased and i was overjoyed.As i became more of a wikinut....i understood more about the site.I understood that i helps us to make friendship with writers all over the world.It is a place where my words are valued more than ever and i also earn.
I opened the site the next day to find that it has been viewed by 7 people,commented too and my earning was zero.i was sad that didn't earn.But it was mt first page.Next day i searched other articles to find out proper methods of writing.I took inspirations and thought of publishing articles even if i don't earn.And keep on writing even if one or two pages get rejected.But slowly i understood the ways to write.I published pages faster and better.And then my first earning was what made me delighted.And since then i thought whatever be it......i shall move on and prove to be great wikinutter.I opted to write more and more and in a better way of course.Still i have a lot to understand and learn.I joined it to earn.But it made me a proffessional writer and famous worldwide of which i least expected or was quite uncertain.

Thank you wikinut, gave me my platform as a witer.You mean alot to me....Because being a recognised writer was my deep desire.Thanks a ton!

And in this journey as a wikinutter i wrote a lot of pages.....Some of them are:
karbi anglong
who will improve all this?
Is this a reciepe?
The haunted house
Thank you my Lord
The first pound
pocket money
books that touch us
cancer spreading fast
my soulmate
my best buddy
life after retirement


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author avatar Minakshi
I love to express my ideas and thoughts in words.....deeply influenced by Paulo Coelho......trying my best to attain perfection in poetry.Moreover....i am a dancer,dramtist and creative writer.

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author avatar simplyoj
5th Jun 2011 (#)

Welcome to you here.

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author avatar Minakshi
5th Jun 2011 (#)


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author avatar Denise O
7th Jun 2011 (#)

Minakshi, I find if you take this site as a learning experience, you get paid far more by gaining knowledge than you could monetarily. Over this last 11 months, I have gained more knowledge than I more than likely would have, going to a 4 year college. The more I have read of others work, the better I have become. I am far from learning all I need to know and so, I will just keep sucking in the knowledge and posting my stories and maybe one day, I will get paid monetarily for doing so. Welcome to wikinut, I look forward to reading more of your work. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Minakshi
8th Jun 2011 (#)

thank you soooo much...

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