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The option for users to export a copy of their Wikinut articles has been added to the "Your Profile" menu.

The motivation

In December 2015 we announced some significant changes to how Wikinut was going to operate in the future. We were aware that these changes would unsettle some of our authors and wanted to reassure authors that they remained in control of their pages. One of the ways we decided to do this was to simplify the process of making your own copy of your Wikinut pages.

If you do not want to have your own copy of your pages you do not need to use this tool. Wikinut already keeps comprehensive backups on your behalf.

"Copy Your Articles" tool

Wikinut authors have always had the option of copying their writing off the site and using it elsewhere, but this required each page to be loaded individually and a lot of copy & paste actions. It was also hard to capture the images included in the page.

To address this we have added the Copy Your Articles tool to the Your Profile menu.

When this tool is used the Wikinut system will prepare a simple copy of your articles and images, with all advertising and menus absent. A link to a ZIP file containing your pages will be mailed to you within a few hours, check your mail program's spam folder if you don't receive it. The ZIP file will be available for download for 14 days.

Download the file onto your computer and extract the contents. Most operating systems can do this automatically for you, you may need to install additional software if your system can't extract ZIP files.

Inside the ZIP file you'll find a temporary directory, and within that an Index file which can be loaded into your preferred web browser software. The index file will display the list of your live Wikinut articles.

You can either use the index to review the articles, or you can load each article directly - they are contained in individual subdirectories along with their associated images.

Do not try to load the HTML pages from within the ZIP file, the file must be fully extracted first to avoid errors of missing links and/or images.


This tools is intended for Backup or Export purposes. We have our own excellent data backup and integrity systems in place but some authors may want to hold their own copy for piece of mind or to allow them to use their writing in other ways.

The tool is not a complete replication of the Wikinut editor and website. Previous drafts, metadata, access logs, unused images, some formatting, comments and other elements are not exported.


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author avatar brendamarie
25th Jan 2016 (#)

thank you for letting us know.

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author avatar Mariah
25th Jan 2016 (#)

Thanks Sam.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
25th Jan 2016 (#)

Thanks Sam, I have done it - now I have to deal with it as best as I can!

I will be around still for as along as I can - siva

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author avatar deepa venkitesh
26th Jan 2016 (#)

thanks sir, I hope wikinut continues

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author avatar spirited
26th Jan 2016 (#)

thanks Sam,

I do like to keep a record of my articles. This is a useful tool to add to the site.

I usually write my articles off-line and then copy/paste them into the site.

I started doing this after losing a few articles due to the previous bug biting people in the system before.

A complete record will be good to have.

I have just requested the email.

As an aside, I noticed one typo got into this request page too, it seems.

◾Screenane: spirited

The word Screename is spelt wrong on my download page.

I am not sure if this is a typo just on my page, or on every page, but I point it out for your correction of it.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
26th Jan 2016 (#)

thank you very much...i got the green Archive Utility but do not know how to open it...can you help please...

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author avatar Sam Wormleighton
26th Jan 2016 (#)

spirited - Thank you for spotting the typo, I've fixed it now.

cnwriter..carolina - If your operating system cannot open the archive file you may need to install an additional program. Are you using windows? The WinZip program (available from can open these files and is available on a free trail. Other free alternatives are also available, but that is probably the most well known.

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author avatar spirited
26th Jan 2016 (#)

I have over 500 articles here, the size of the file will be a huge one though I guess.

It is downloading now, but will take a half hour or so to download it seems on my system, not such a fast one.

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author avatar spirited
26th Jan 2016 (#)

Peazip, or 7zip are two great programs, available on the internet, which are alternatives to WinZip, and which are free.

You can even download portable versions of these, if you do not want to install a program on your computer.

These are really good programs. WinZip costs a fortune even for their most basic version of their program, and they even charge you each year to update their program.

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author avatar spirited
26th Jan 2016 (#)

My download worked. It was around 220 megabytes in size.

It is large I think because it contains the pictures too.

I opened it using peazip, no problems at all.

The index works fine too. A good additional tool.

If we want to just update our download will this be possible, or will we have to download the whole lot again every time that we want to update our records of our articles.

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author avatar Tranquilpen
24th Feb 2018 (#)

A really great share.

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