Williamsji Maveli's Poem titled " Like a bud blossoms....."

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The Poem depicts the beauty of the season, "Spring" - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI

Like a bud blossoms....A intro by Williamsji Maveli

“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?”
Percy Bysshe Shelley, From " Ode to the West Wind "

Percy Bysshe Shelley was one of the major English Romantic poets and is widely considered to be among the finest lyric poets of the English language. He is perhaps most famous for such anthology pieces as " Ode to the West Wind " , " To a Skylark" , and " The Masque of Anarchy" . However, his major works were long visionary poems including Alastor, Adonais, The Revolt of Islam, Prometheus Unbound and the unfinished The Triumph of Life. - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI

Like a bud blossoms......A poem by Williamsji Maveli

Like a bud blossoms at nighttime,
You give your body and mind to me,
A Goddess charisma is branded
by the dew that drips from your sky,
a perfume shed through the darkness,
as first steps of springs arrival
That thickens the brushwood.
You break upon my dreams
like waves of an ocean in a tide,
And my heart is drowned under.
My heart knew of your upcoming,
as the night feels the approach of dawn,
The clouds are aflame and my sky fills
With a great revealing flood of love!



Blossoms, Bud, Goddess

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author avatar Williamsji
Williamsji Maveli, who is a well known writer, poet, film critic in the Malayalam Literature and film Industry was born on 23, April 1955 in Irinjalakuda town, Thrissur District, Kerala State, India.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
31st Jan 2014 (#)

quite lovely this my friend...thank you. my Aries friend...

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
31st Jan 2014 (#)

Under the snow I came to life,
Showing I am the Creators' Wife.
Bringing to the Universe the truth of bud,
Sprouting its existence through past mud.

Mud that told the tale of the heart,
Bringing on the truth from the World apart.
As I took back Autumn with Seasons of Sun,
Showing Winter in Summer making all run.

For we came as Thr3e in times four,
Showing the music now playing at the door.
Pulling the sword and coming out to fight,
Sending the darkened king back out of sight.

Back down memory lane burning in the fire,
As he fell into the flame of greatest desire.
With The Sun, Moon, Stars just beckoning One,
Planet Earth who revolves around the Sun.

Where all now turn to the Eternal Flower,
Who holds the pendant creating each shower.
Pouring the identity that takes the heart,
All for Love from the heavens World apart.

Bringing the fact that none can be me,
Planet my pendant is blue and free.
Showing the fact that now shines in heart,
We are together forever world apart.

With the Sun and the Season together as One,
Showing Darkness again now in tears Run.
For Spring sprung up in temperamental tears,
Confirming to all their worst of fears.

Where Autumn came with Summer at door,
Showing the truth of Winter right on the floor.
Where all of Creation finally saw the Light,
Golden in colour from a distant sight.

While I looked on and knew the way,
Holding the truth that is here to stay.
Bringing back the armour to prove is all true,
Coming in secret in the greatest imbue.

Who finally took on everything locking all others away,
Showing the truth of life that is here to stay.
There are no records showing truth of heart,
Sending all life back to play its own part.

For none can ever touch the gift of Planet Earth,
Which the creator provides with laughter and mirth.
Showing she controls ever flower of life,
By saying I am Who I am the Creators Wife.

By showing the truth in the Valley of Flowers,
Erupting all into torrential showers.
As the World came to believe and see the Sun,
Who was coming for real and having fun.

Showing the truth playing on the floor,
Making all pain walk right out the door.
As everything came into perspective with Spring,
Showing the truth in the Lord of the Ring.

Who sang out in blessing you are my Life,
Proudly kissing the lips of his coveted Wife.
Bringing her to dance with the Riot of Love,
That brought Sunshine shining Above.

With cold winds knocking on every door,
Shocking the Universe right to the core.
As I pull the records that create all Life,
Returning back home as the triumphant wife.

Where all of Creation submits to just One,
Showing the Rise of the Golden Sun.
Who watches Planet Earth with Love in Eyes,
While the whole world now for those records cries.

All because many rewrote their life,
Causing pain and hassle to the Wife.
By trying to access her coveted Love,
By entering their realm in heavens Above.

Showing that Spring had Summers Flower,
Autumn brought the Winters Shower.
Where no other could ever rule love,
Who knew the Universe in the heavens Above.

With all Springs Flowers coming back home,
Showing truth in Sunshine of Gold and Chrome.
Where no other could ever pulsate again,
Leaving the Universe now in pouring rain.

For its return to innocence with heavens' way,
Showing the truth that has nothing to stay.
All that came in was All for Love,
With the Hidden Angel governing Above.

Protecting her pendant and treasure of Sun,
Making darkness again in tears run.
For they caused trouble again today,
Causing Creation to release energy and go away.

With no other able to trace that Life,
Showing the commotion surrounding Wife.
For all are now in turmoil of heart,
As she holds seasons and elements world apart.

Leaving the Dark King back in the burrows of hell,
Showing Pretty Face now casting the spell.
Pulling him back into the clutches of hate,
Trying to enact his own twist of fate.

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author avatar madugundurukmini
15th Feb 2014 (#)

nice post

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