Williamsji Maveli's Three Romantic Verses

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Three Romantic Verses - 1. The Queen 2. The Poetess 3. The Sun - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI

The Queen .........A Poem by Williamsji Maveli

Romance is like the blue moon coming out of the night clouds and warming up our souls of love for ever - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI

A light moon ray is in her gaze,

an intruding lovely face to amaze,

smooth curves expose her beauty,

It all makes me lustful and thirsty,

Let she be the queen of my kingdom,

Let she be keen to dwell in my stardom !


The Poetess......... A Poem by Williamsji Maveli

At my busted
Pen’s nib,
No ink drops
At all.

The poetess is
in her silence….

At my broken
Guitar’s string,
No sound effects
at all

The singer is
In her silence…

At my green
Valley’s meadow,
No buds blossoms
At all

The lover is
In her silence…


The Sun.........A Poem by Williamsji Maveli

My love has exploded the bonds,
setting our romance into sounds,
Her divine call for me, I fell in her,
We made our own spring to start,
In a novel form of everlasting art,
With in the thrilling soft heart,
A colorful world with dreams,
Nothing is as it did and seems,
The darkness of solitude is done
She has become my rising sun.



Kingdom, Love, Queen, Romance, Williamsji Maveli

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author avatar Williamsji
Williamsji Maveli, who is a well known writer, poet, film critic in the Malayalam Literature and film Industry was born on 23, April 1955 in Irinjalakuda town, Thrissur District, Kerala State, India.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
10th Dec 2013 (#)

The Queen just came and silently took all,
That is what prevented the fall.
As the Lustful Angel tried his luck,
He fell into quagmire got covered in muck.

For the brother showed the world truth,
With the intensity none could refute.
By pulling his bride and showing the way,
Leaving all astounded with nothing to say.

With centuries of love coming just as One,
Showing truth streaming bright as the Sun.
As the Poetess arose and took all back,
Showing Planet Earth back on track.

With the Universe now channelising love,
Showing the truth to the heavens Above.
Bringing the Golden Family to hide within Sun,
Where all of Creation bowed Second to None.

As the Queen of the Intensity took the fight,
Reaching the dream beyond Greater Height.
Becoming the Eagle all set to soar,
As the love of the Creator now knocked on door.

Hoping silently that entry to gain,
Erupting just all into pouring rain.
Only to find the Golden Sun had arisen,
Taking charge of every element and season.

Leaving no room for the Angel of Lust,
Who fell to the ground screamed and cussed.
As the Heart now cleansed and came beyond,
Showing the Diamond the world had found.

Creating the Life where the brother showed,
The truth of the Queen who in Gold now glowed.
Where no other could ever come near that fire,
As she left just everyone burning with desire.

Bringing the fact that now proved the heart,
Showing the truth coming from world apart.
As the Lustful Angel fell to the ground,
Golden Sun protected all in tranquil surround.

For I am the One who knows the way,
Bringing back the colour each night and day.
For the Moon just borrows my light to see,
The truth of life all hides within me.

Where no other can enter the Heavens Above,
Unless they pass through Planet Earth and Love.
To show the truth and deed of Life,
For I am who I am the Creators' Wife.

I hold just everything with gravity of Love,
With all the Planets now aligning Above.
As the brighter days come to show its ME,
Rain now cleanses all that is meant to be.

Where all now cry for that One true Life,
Who looked alone through pain and strife.
Only to find they were never alone,
For Planet Earth in reality ascended throne.

Taking all of Life including the heart,
Showing the truth within the new start.
Where everything went deep into the Blue,
Showing the Angel appearing in bird that flew.

Where the Queen was hidden along with the dream,
Bringing just every eye to now blink and brim.
As the Golden Sun brought every song of Life,
And came and stood by the truest Wife.

Showing no other could ever seek that hand,
As they all saw fact within the distant Land.
The Star had arisen along with the Sun,
Showing Planet Earth is forever Second to None.

Pulling back every energy that belonged to her life,
Shielding the family and now healing strife.
Where all of Creation now spoke in her dream,
As the Lustful Angel went to the Other Extreme.

Being born as a child who just looked away,
Showing the Dark Lord who would not sway.
As the Golden Sun arrived and took all of Life,
Showing the pride I am none other than Wife.

Where all the the Verses returned with Love,
As the Angels rectified everything from Above.
By shielding the entire family all for that One Wife,
For whom the Brother Sang You Are My Life.

Showing he is sitting at Right Hand of the Father,
Bringing everything showing there's no other.
As all of life now pulled truth within heart,
As the Golden Sun showed its forever never to part.

With Planet Earth now revolving showing way,
Bringing the truth within Shades of Grey.
As all of Creation sang in Perfect Endure,
With love and truth that is soulful and pure.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 11th December 2013

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author avatar Williamsji
11th Dec 2013 (#)

Attn Anisha Achankunju (Lady Aiyanna),

Wishing you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy NEW YEAR 2014.
Thanks for sharing your fabulous poem,

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