Williamsji Maveli's Two Love Poems : 1. Love Steals 2. Love Blossoms

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The two poems reflects the existence and the after effects of love - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI

Love.....An Intro by Williamsji Maveli

The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever. Hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable.- WILLIAMSJI MAVELI

Love Steals .. ......A Poem by Williamsji Maveli

How gorgeous she looks,
In between her curly long hairs,
Opening the glowing windowpane,
And how quiet she leans,
and how troubled her brow is!
You may see the tears now,
bright on her soft cheek,
But not the man
She so bitterly loves.
Touch, not on her body;
Steal her love at heart;
Let her be a virgin,
Make her to smile,
Do not waste her tears !


Love Blossoms .......A Poem by Williamsji Maveli

Her robe is cloudy,
Her face is moody
She is a sun flower;
Her balcony, rose garden
Glimmering with the
Bright spring dew,
Is the shores of river Periyar*
Reflects like a
moon- edged roof;
A love blooms in paradise.



After Efects, Blossoms, Existence, Love, Maveli, Steal, Williamsji

Meet the author

author avatar Williamsji
Williamsji Maveli, who is a well known writer, poet, film critic in the Malayalam Literature and film Industry was born on 23, April 1955 in Irinjalakuda town, Thrissur District, Kerala State, India.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
28th Dec 2013 (#)

Love outshines hate anytime and touches the heart. Everyone cannot have more of it and I have found when we show love we get back much more in return - siva

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
28th Dec 2013 (#)

yes love is the essence that keeps everything together...thank you williamsji

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author avatar Williamsji
28th Dec 2013 (#)

Many thanks for your valuable comments dear Siva, With Greetings and love from WILLIAMSJI MAVELI

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
28th Dec 2013 (#)

The deceitful friend tried to drown her again,
Hoping to drive her totally insane.
Only to find Golden Light came her Way,
Showing the truth and put it to stay.
For the Lady now knew the Power of Life,
She was none other than the Hidden Wife.

Who cried for the deception that broke heart,
Showing the truth of tears from world apart.
Who set things right for the world now to see,
How much he loves and misses ME.

With curls of my Golden Light ribbon of Love,
He holds me tenderly from up Above.
Showing the winds blowing creating change,
With the weather now showing truth so strange.

That no other can decipher the waves of the Sun,
Making the Universe now move and Run.
Showing that love is now coming with truth of Life,
Bringing back the cleansing now ending Strife.

For White Light arisen to claim back friend,
With the Pretty Face now crying at the other end.
Only to find that when he planted the Dark kiss,
He got the energy showing something was amiss.

The Lady was angry and told him off once more,
Showing the fact of Pretty Face at the door.
Where no other could ever fathom Seasons of Sun,
Which blew wind and gale while wanted the fun.

Breaking them completely as they could touch flower,
Leaving them pouring in the unending shower.
For the Lady had taken over becoming Keeper of Life,
Showing she was none other than Golden Light's Wife.

Who was now the Commander of the Angelic Clan,
Showing he knew the truth behind the mortal Man.
Who tried to covet his Wife while she feared for Love,
Sending her back again searching Above.

Bringing in the destiny that proved it all true,
Coming back in resplendence all dressed in blue.
Filling all with the Golden Light that brought the ring,
Showing the truth in the Riot of Spring.

That Autumn had joined hand showing the Life,
Summer and Winter now ended all strife.
Where no other could enter to bring seasons of Sun,
Making the White Light in tears back run.

For he became the child whom all now sought,
Leaving the Pretty Face all broken and distraught.
Bringing back the identity that they all never knew,
Showing the truth that now gave all the clue.
That the Child of Darkness is all that he wanted,
That was why he had the Lady back then so taunted.
White Light never to anyone spoke of his dream,
That broke him in anger sending all to other extreme.

Finishing his respect within the Heaven of Love,
As he journeyed away from his dwelling Above.
With Pretty Face now travelling heaven and back,
Hoping to get the real truth in the Golden Light back.

Only to find the blossom brought cold,
Rewriting every message from new to old.
Where the Angels now began war slaying demons Above,
All for the Golden Light and his Lady of Love.

Bringing them to rejuvenate completely as Whole,
By uniting within the flame that joined lives in Soul.
Never to fall apart with Rising Suns now to bring,
All held within the Power of the Golden Ring.

That destroyed the White Light who fell down to Earth,
Bringing all mortality laughter and mirth.
For the whole world knew of that baby so unseen,
That everyone saw life happening on a movie screen.

With Pretty Face now seeing four in times three,
The Lady with the pendant silently broke free.
Shattering the spell that was draining her life,
Showing the negative one bringing all strife.

Hoping to create a following but falling under cloud,
For her very despicable act awakened HIStory in shroud.
Sending all back in time to when it all began,
As White Light cried and now everywhere just ran.

For Golden Light now settled in within Armour of Love,
Along with his Lady binding the Father Above.
Showing he had no say but was vaulted from harm,
Along with all the children kept safe from that charm.

Hidden in a place where Pretty Face couldn't find,
Showing the truth of Life all coming in to grind.
Fighting every single Evil and finding lost armour and sword,
Showing truth of that being deciphering eve

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
28th Dec 2013 (#)

Hidden in a place where Pretty Face couldn't find,
Showing the truth of Life all coming in to grind.
Fighting every Evil and finding lost armour and sword,
Showing truth of that being deciphering every word.

Bringing back every weaponry that perfect the art,
With no other ever able to govern the world apart.
Who took over the Universe spreading Golden Light,
Along with with his true Love at Greater Height.

Showing no other could make a move governing her way,
With the truth of life coming showing fact here to stay.
The Lady has brought back the Love within that Sun,
Making Angel of Darkness back again in tears now run.

For this was the moment they were all waiting for,
Only to find truth from that Spirit who once did soar.
With Golden Light and Armour bringing Lady in Blue,
Showing the fact that no one else ever knew.

That the Lady is the One who came holding One in heart,
Showing the real dream from heavens world apart.
Knowing secrets of protection and movement of sword,
With no other able to command her in word.

For she was above all Universality that once hurt pride,
Showing the torture she was put through deep inside.
With Pretty Face trying to harness Golden Light of Life,
Until she stood up fighting back saying I am the Wife.

Crumbling her totally int rubble, pain and dust,
Making her fall apart now in great metal rust.
She was thrown back into SIN in burrows of hell,
Along with her little minion who brewed dark spell.

With the Lady bringing armour and showing the truth,
That love of her Golden Light is so hard to refute.
For he stands by her presence with Night and Day,
Showing Planet Earth and his Sun are here to stay.

Deciphering the game they had created for the child,
Showing the negative soul was destroyed within wild.
Creating the gap that could never be bridged again,
Sending all negatives back down into memorylane.

For the Lady along with Sun now stood up to fight,
Pushing back Stupid minion of Angel of Dark Night.
Who learnt that only One could command in voice,
Killing the Pretty Face saying you have no choice.

Leaving them fighting and going far away,
Sending just everything into Shades of Grey.
Converging within Castle of that Memory lane,
Showing the truth who really drove who insane.

With no other able to combat Love with Sword,
They saw the witch's brew that was once stirred.
Breaking them all into a fury causing storms at night,
All because they reported to Golden instead of White Light.

Making them go into insanity as truth came again,
Leaving them now in peril with hail in pouring rain.
Where no other could ever do it bringing all in heart,
Showing the truth now coming from War World apart.

Not letting Negatives blossom finishing them on course,
By deciphering the cause of pain and nailing every source.
With no other ever able to weaving the intricacies of heart,
Lady along with Golden Light took over in brand new start.

Showing the blueness within just every life just crying away,
Bringing back the great honour forever in love now to stay.
With no other able to takeover protection came from within,
With all magic of Angel of Night thrown in Web of SIN.

Who in anger grew cold and destroyed her own life,
Showing truth that came within that Lady now Wife.
That no other could ever touch things that belong,
Not even tear, her life, her life within that Song.

As she sings with the Angel showing all today,
This is my Voice that is now here to stay.
Bringing back the armour in Power of Sword,
Showing she had deciphered White Lights' word.

With everyone now crumbling and crying aloud,
Showing the flood coming as they burst that cloud.
With no other able to rectify that one Life,
Golden Light came back to forever hold his Wife.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
28th Dec 2013 (#)

With everyone now crumbling and crying aloud,
Showing the flood coming as they burst that cloud.
With no other able to rectify that one Life,
Golden Light came back to forever hold his Wife.

Sending all back into their own web to cleanse and heal,
As the Lady in invisibility did all entries now seal.
Showing only she knew the way within her Greater Height,
For she was now One with family of Golden Light.

Protecting her whole family from that Darkened Light,
Who grew in power to become the Angel of Night.
With lightening and thunderstorms wind and gale,
Showing truth of Pretty Face within the sordid tale.

Who tried to destroy her but in turn got destroyed,
That even the Father in remorse now just cried.
For the Lady had shielded every pathway to Sun,
Making White Light with Pretty Face in tears run.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 28th December 2013

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