Winds of War in Eastern Europe.

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The United States is ready to deploy tanks, heavy weapons and five thousand soldiers in the Baltics.

Prevent aggression

The United States may soon send a strong signal to the Kremlin. A signal that would go well beyond the possible new sanctions threatened last G7.
According to American and European sources, reported by the New York Times, the Pentagon would indeed be ready to deploy vehicles and heavy weapons in the Baltic countries and in several Eastern European countries, to deter and prevent aggression by Russia.

Territorial integrity.

If the White House were to kick off the operation, would be the first time since the end of the Cold War that Americans gather this type of armaments and in that entity in the Old Continent: tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other heavy weaponry for the use of about 5 thousand soldiers. The countries concerned are those of the former Soviet Union, now new NATO members: Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. All states in which the alarm is the highest level since Moscow decided the annexation of the Crimean peninsula against Ukraine. And when President Barack Obama has always promised maximum support in defense of their sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Eastern Europe

The message behind such a decision would be directed also to the allies in Western Europe, who are called in days to renew sanctions against Moscow, and that Washington wants to remain engaged on the possibility of new sanctions in the future. The deployment of resources and people that Obama could order soon serve to show, even in the eyes of many European capitals, the intransigence of the White House against a Kremlin him to continue on the road of the expansionist policy. Policy to restore its influence on part of Eastern Europe.

Ashton Carter

The plan developed at the Pentagon still has to receive the green light by the secretary of defense, Ashton Carter, before landing on the table of the Oval Office for a possible go-ahead of Obama. "The effort of men and means - said the New York Times - it would be similar to what the United States has maintained in Kuwait for more than a decade after the invasion by Iraq in 1990".


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
15th Jun 2015 (#)

It is indeed sad that might is right in a modern world - siva

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