Wingless monkey

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From time to time, interesting animals seem to appear in places you wouldn't expect them to appear in everyday life. We had such a cool character appear recently...

Wingless monkey

Mother and I are working in Studio B. We need to create an old ship's steering wheel for the scene we plan to shoot next.

Suddenly there's the weirdest sound. At first I thought it's some kind of exotic bird, making the weirdest shouting sound.

I go outside but it suddenly dawns on me that it might be some interesting animal, perhaps a baboon, in one of the trees outside, so I go back to grab my camera.

Mother and I go outside to go see. The servants are already gathered under the very high cypress trees to see if there's a spectacle to behold in the trees.

Mr. Specter the gardener tells me that he thinks it's a monkey that went ballistic because the electric fence shocked it, and it fled all screaming up the trees.

We try to see it for a while so I can film it, but I'm afraid it's gone up to the very high tops of the trees, where it's sufficiently hidden behind branches and leaves, not even giving us a glimpse of it.

A few times one of the servants say that he sees it, but only for a moment, then it's hidden itself again.

We finally all go back to work, as there's no way the monkey, or what we assume is a monkey, will come out of the tree as long as we're standing here.

Still, was very interesting. About a year ago, we also saw a big monkey jump around in the branches, making the dogs go crazy for it, but we haven't seen it ever since. I wonder if it's the same one.

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