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Wishes which were written on the basis of Max Ehrmann’s Desiderata


Be calm, because it's vanity of vanities,
reach harmony taking a truce.
Be generous, despite "in vino veritas"
all in the world forget the truth.

Remember that all have their rights –
an ignoramus here or there a fool.
And are you right with all your stereotypes?
So, take then theirs in blood cool.

For evil leave that everlasting fall,
obsequiousness and arrogance – a fuss;
As all affected will be ground at all
by millstones-years first or last.

And give yourself up to a labor of love,
depends itself on you your destiny.
In lieu of victor's wreath a head above
will be a crown of thorns eventually.

But if one day some utter fraud
floods flourishing in blossom land,
let it not devastate your soul
with all abstracted from your bank.

Remember, love is never bought,
you'd better flirt with haughty divas,
in style be good at getting old,
as all the beauty fades with years.

Enjoy the time not passing by,
this moment's not reversible.
Strengthen your spirit to be high,
your fears all alleged impossible.

At last a child you're of the universe,
as those trees, stars and our heaven.
You're given to explore your place,
though you take all for gospel ever.

Your God – it's peace within your soul,
you, cherish as the apple of your eye.
Let it be love here in a cottage small,
and be vivacious till you die.

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