Wishing Upon A Star

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We all wish upon a star at least once in our lifetime. Do we remember the wishes we make? Do we learn and grow and live our life to the best that we can? I've learned a great deal in my life, my wishes may not have come true but I've learned to shine bright like a star.


When you wish upon a star....if every wish I had ever made upon a star would have come true I wouldn't have much for possesional gain, but I would have all the riches my heart could hold. Tonight I sat upon my deck, no yard lights or deck lights on. Just sat there in the nippy air and stared at the sky. It had been a long time since I had just sat in the peaceful darkness of the night and stared at the stars above me. Every way my head turned, each corner of the sky my eyes gazed at, another memory from my past came falling down upon me. Like a star that had lost it's will to live and fallen towards the earth, so to did each one of the dreams and wishes I had once placed upon these fated stars. It suddenly occurred to me.....what has happened?

One Little Girl

Once upon a time a hopeful little girl with her mind, heart, and soul filled with aspirations and dreams of grandeur, of a life filled with laughter and love, stared up at the sky and wished upon a single star, in a single constellation. Never once did this little girl ever speak of her wish. She knew that if she told it would never come true. But deep within her very soul she held to the faith and hope that this one single wish would definitely come true for her. And with each dark and painful moment she went through, each year she grew older, she never lost hope. She would stand outside in the darkest corner of the darkest part of the yard and she would look up at the sky, She would search the sky for that one constellation...and within that one constellation she would find her star, close her eyes and make that wish yet once again.

Her Star

As time went by this hopeful little girl grew. Her hope grew thin and her dreams one by one were shattered by the consequences of the people around her. She watched as the ones she loved disappeared from her life. She allowed people to enter her life that had bad intentions for her, but she couldn't bear the thought of hurting them. So...she allowed these people to hurt her and abuse her. She stood tall and took hit by hit, word by word and told herself that it was all okay. This was what life was all about. But as each dream was crushed at her feet, as each piece of her heart shattered to the ground she began to forget the wish. She forgot the star....the constellation...hers.

The Soul Saving Star

For the last time this girl was knocked to her knees. For the last time she was pushed to the ground and left to fend for herself. As she slowly staggered to her feet, battered, bruised, bleeding from the inside out she lifted her head high. At the end of her rope, with no faith, no hope left for herself she decided she couldn't fight anymore. She stepped out upon the balcony ready to fly. Ready to fall as so many of her dreams, as so many of the stars of her life. But in one fateful moment she raised her eyes to the skies. Her instinct made her search for that constellation, and once her eyes fell upon it she searched for her star. As if it knew her pain it shone brighter than it ever had. She stared at it for a long time. Frozen in place by the light that bore through her and burned into her heart. That light that pulled the wish from deep down in the lost and forgotten recesses of her heart and reminded her of that once so happy hopeful little girl. Her eyes overfilled with tears and cascaded down her cheeks in quiet drops to land at her feet. Like tiny shooting stars they left marks upon her. Reminded of her wish she stepped down from the ledge and closed her eyes tight. One more time she made her wish again. This time, with every ounce of her being she placed her faith, what was left of her broken heart upon that one wish, upon her star.

Shine Like The Stars

Tonight while I sat upon my deck staring at the stars I was reminded of all the instances of my life. I remembered the dreams and hopes of my youth and all the times I would just lay in the cool grass and stare at the stars. The pain in my life has definitely left it's imprint upon my soul. I will never be the same person I was once. I have seen and been through far too much to be whole ever again. But there is one wish, one star left that keeps me going. I may not always remember it, sometimes I may fall to the earth like a fated shooting star that has lost it's light. But somewhere from deep within me a star shines bright and keeps me alive.
You may be wondering what my one wish is, or who the little girl in the story is and what her wish was. You may ask yourself "what do these two have in common?" Or possibly you ask "what horrible life circumstances have brought either of these two to the point of possible no return?" My friends, these questions may always plague your mind. I give no answers to any. I can merely say that the stars are the map of our lives. They are constant, When one star loses it's light, another one replaces it. When you have lost your way you can look to the sky and find your direction. Our souls, our hearts, our entire beings are tied within the stars, within everything. My wish....may never come true, but I am okay with that. Because it's the hope and the faith that I have tied to the stars that keeps me waking up each morning with a smile on my face and the urge to love the ones around me. We are all only here for a short time. Why not take the best of what we have, share it with the ones around us, whether we know them or not, and just shine as bright as the stars?


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I write and have published poetry and was editor of the school newspaper all through highschool. I can write a variety of different genres from articles to novels

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
2nd Sep 2013 (#)

Wishing Star for the one I love,
Showing the hope way up Above.
Streaming love just all day,
Getting the whole world to now say.

Musical Anthem,
Riot my soul.
Bring us life,
So true and whole.
Feel me gently,
This is prayer.
Guide my steps,
Just everywhere.

Showing me radiance full of Life,
Healing my pain, calming the strife.
Showing the trees now whole and true,
Whispering my star, just where are you.

I fly the world it is my way,
Bringing happiness is all I say.
Pulling vibration true and whole,
Beauty in armour touching soul.

I look Above and there I see,
The face I love twinkling at me.
Giving me hope with Life is Love,
As heavens open door in world Above.

Making me enter hide away,
Showing life in place of stay.
Sparkling resplendence showing love,
I am the Star now twinkling Above.

Guarding and guiding through life's path,
Bringing the hope after pained aftermath.
With all of Creation now looking Above,
Showing the destiny paved with love.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 3rd September 2013

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author avatar Empress
15th Mar 2014 (#)

Lady Aiyanna....I must ask, why do you insist on placing your writing upon my work? Is it in this way that you hope to achieve more recognition. Please, only write your comments, not your own personal work.

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author avatar traceh
2nd Jun 2014 (#)

Great article

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